Constructive Criticism and Intellectual Property Ethics

Thats negative?!? Just a fact… the trucks look like something ive personally never seen. The angle looks different and the only writing on it is electric truck. I tried to see if it was a brand out there to get a better look at said truck…

ESPECIALLY since lately the posts have been full of talk channel trucks and rake and surfrods and all things trucks

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Here we go again lol


Lol i have NO Opinion on this topic… just been reading the posts( its all anove my pay grade anyways)


Honestly, i’m not talking about any one person… it’s just a general feeling i get reading various threads lately.

Specifically, I’m addressing the “tone” in the room/forum… its like pack mentality & its extremely unhealthy in online community forums…

EXAMPLE: “Everyone else is saying it’s shit, it must be shit, therefore i’m also going to say it’s shit too & if anyone asks me why i think it’s shit i’m going to tell them that everyone says it’s shit so that’s why!”

Now when others see this NEGATIVE theme developing, and say for instance they don’t have the courage to develop & express their own opinion, especially if they have a different opinion, it means new ideas can die prematurely. Which is extremely bad for our community.


You have to realize this is kinda rich coming from you.


Give me one example when i said something bad or negative about someone’s designs without having the facts or experience to backup my position.

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For me is like: “this is interesting” “I’m gonna post this, forum must appreciate a different approach”…couple hours later I come back and there are 20 nasty opinions, 3 neutral and 1 positive remark… wdfk??

So, is like the feeding frenzy @onloop describes. Nothing short of that. :roll_eyes:


You could lead by example. I’ve seen you make hostile, vague legal threats out in the open towards other vendors.

I’m just saying man, probably not the best person to try to champion the ‘be good to one another’ cause.


This community used to be a place where dreams can become reality, where new ideas can be nurtured & developed…

It’s sad to see this nurturing culture is starting to slip away.


you’re so consumed by negative energy you are now the perfect example of my point

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Ha. What?

You just basically responded with: nuh nuh, you!

The most impactful hostility I’ve seen here has come from you and Frank.


your attacking me for trying to make the community a nicer place, wow…

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No Jason, I’m pointing out that you have a record on here as being pretty hostile when you get worked up. So it’s kinda ironic seeing you swing this position.


Sadly legal matters are never easy things to deal with, often get very messy, fast!. but they are normally always based on facts.

Is a mental excersise. If you start seeing bad things all over, then at the end of the day all appears bleak. Glass is half full or is half empty… is your decision how your day will end.

A little positive won’t hurt nobody. But this…:roll_eyes::point_up_2: makes you wonder…

And most business professionals would understand how detrimental to a community a ‘leader’ throwing legal threats can be. The fact that you believe that to be an appropriate topic to air in the public says a lot


I never said don’t defend yourself against an attack, I simply said don’t gang up with others & spray hate for fun.

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Tell ya what, let’s go back to talking about skateboards


And where have I done this? You’ve accused me in this thread of basically being the poster boy of what you’re describing.

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