Cumulus Nimbus 4wd 12s8p evo street build

Hey guys ive been in the esk8 game about 2 years and now im at the point where i just need more power partly because i am a heavy dude.

My last build the Nimbus was very fast it was a dual 6374 12s build that can be found here.

Well this is the next evolution, im going to make a stupid fast board for me and with left over parts im going to make an Evo Falcon for my girl. lets start with my quad build and see what parts i have what i have on order and what i need to buy.

What i have:

  • 2017 Landyachtz Evo deck
  • TB 218mm trucks
  • Miur Skate Almost precision kit
  • @psychotiller 6 shooters
  • Versa Robotics 44t wheel pulleys x4
  • TB 16t motor pulleys x 4
  • Miami Electric boards motor mounts x4
  • TB 190kv 6374 x4
  • TB sensor wire x4
  • 4 Focbox
  • Boss spot welder
  • 3s1p 65c lipo and lipo charger
  • 12s bms
  • nickel strips fish paper connectors and wires.

What i have on order.

  • Firefly Remote + receiver
  • Custom enclosure

What i have left to order:

  • 100 samsung 30q 18650 cells

lmk if you think im missing something but i think this will be my most beastly board yet!

as for my girl she will be getting all my left over parts the only thing i need to buy her is a deck and trucks i have everything else.

Girlfriend build.

  • 2018 Evo Falcon deck
  • TB 12s4p 30q battery
  • Focbox x2
  • TB 218mm trucks
  • Focbox x2
  • Dual 6355 TB motors
  • 16t motor pulley
  • 36t wheel pulley
  • Evolve 107mm wheels
  • Nano Remote

her left over parts board is gona be better than most :slight_smile:

LMK what you guys think im actually selling my Raptor 2 to fund this craziness.


If your just building the one battery I can ship you my boss spot welder and then you can ship it back when your done.


isn’t evo too small for 12s8p, u ganna need some risers.

Double stack and pneumatics broski :wink:


With 6 shooters he should have plenty if clearance.


I guess double stack will solve the issue

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thanks man i appreciate that, but for the price i want to buy it cause i do plan to make more batteries in the future, i love the idea that i can create pretty much any powered vehicle. Like my buddy has these old electric scooters that use lead acid batteries we want to make Li on batteries for those too lol.


That’s why I got one. I’ve got a Segway No scoiter I need to make a pack for.


@mmaner, let’s have a battery build party! It is the best! This weekend? Next?!?

Sorry, back on topic.

This thing sounds monstrous!

It is a blast learning about building batteries, definitely grab a spot welder so you always have it around… lurking… begging you to start your next project…

I never regret buying tools. Ever. This is an AMAZING tool. I have spent way more on things that have delivered way less, and still was happy with the purchase. If you build ONE solid battery, it pays for itself.

Or you could burn your house down. Or your entire building in my case (old, early 1900s loft building).

But sooooo worth it.


Finally my 6 shooters have shipped! Alot of parts should start coming in very soon,


Been trying to find a good bms but cant really find one that does 120amp continuous plus I’m not 100% sure on my size constraints until I have my enclosure made, should I bypass bms and use for charge only? I really wanted to use a bms with a built in switch.

Hmmm have you looked at bestech?

I’m not a discharge BMS guy… more so a bypass man. I think you might be better off with bypassing with the current draws you likely will use.

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I was thinking I may have to bypass cause of space requirements.

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It has begun.

First of many parts, many of which will arrive Saturday including my mounts and pullies.


You need to have it finished by June 30th, that’s when I’ll be in Miami :grinning:. I’m still trying to figure which board I should ship down…

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oh man i doubt ill have this board finished in a month, the battery and the enclosure will be the most time consuming parts and i have not even started on those yet lol

but i will have stuff i can ride. I still have my Raptor 1 but im selling the Raptor 2 if its not sold by the time you come ill just keep it but id rather sell it to advance this project a little quicker.

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It’s all good, I just wanna ride in Miami. I love that placre and I pushed last year :grinning:


Worst case I can run the 4wd on the 12s4p just for testing lol but yea man definitely come by were getting little bigger, btw Tishawn Fahie is coming down to ride with us soon I dont sont have an exact date yet but It would be cool if you were here too


Sounds awesome!

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42t pulleys came in wooo