Current limiter

Hi, so i am basically building a 7S10P pack with a discharge of 56A. I am doing a super cheap build not using a Vesc. So I’m looking for a way to limit the current to 50A.

So I found this on eBay:

Will this work as a 50a current limiter, and or are there any other options for limiting the Current?

The item description says that it is for brushed motors. Eskate uses brushless motors.

Yes but as a simple limiter to the esc

This is a brushed / DC motor ESC. You can only use it if you are planning to use a brushed / DC motor for your low cost build.

You clearly don’t know much about brushed motors.

I know the difference between brushed and dc motors and cannot see how this board works, but seems like the specs are fine but brushed motors’ speed is altered by changing voltage and current in a brushed motor is dependant on the load put on it (if you pinch the shaft of a brushed motor the amp draw will increase because short circuits). Hence, I could see you using this to alter voltage and thereby current (if resistance is constant) but not any other way. Please let me know how you were planning to use this board.

This board spits out DC at a fixed max amperage, the pwm control will decrease the voltage. This is also how the current limiter works, it decreases the voltage when the limit is reached.

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And you clearly don’t need anyone to help you.

Being ungrateful to folks who are responding and trying to help - is a great way to get zero help.

Seems like you know what you are doing - so do it. Let us know how it goes.


Sorry but I got frustrated, when you tried to explain something clearly wrong to me. I am sorry, if I acted in a way you found disrespectful.

That might work. But probably not. Spend like $10 more and get BMS.

Don’t understand why you’d try to repurpose anything else…

Just realized it’s 10p! And only 56a. Meaning they are probably recycled cells aka shit. Don’t bother at all there have enough people wasting time on cells that won’t survive and give enough current, especially for a non vesc build…

Why do have the need to buy a current limiter if the VESC has a setting for putting a 50 amp current draw limit? I assume you understand that a device will draw the current it only needs to run based upon the total resistance of the circuit.

He is on a budget and not using a vesc. He wants to use a DC Motor instead of a brushless one.

It’s not common but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

If it hasn’t been done yet, take one fo the team and just give it a try! Other people will profit from your experience

Miss read that one detail.

1simple word: fuse~

A fuse is definitely not an bad idea but he does need something to regulate his speed/power as well. That’s what the DC speed controller is for.

@NilsS what kind of cells are you using? Even with 10p, 50A might be to much for cheap cells.

I am using this board i am using a 10S7P battery rated 56Amp. so i was looking for a way to limit the circuit to a maximum of 50amps. but i dont want it to completely shut down when the limit is reached, like with a fuse. the ideal thing was that it dropped the voltage enough for it to stay at 50amps. so i found this circuit

sorry 10P7S

Dual 6354 motors

another thing to note, is that in a pc these cells deliver a constant 5amp load without becoming hot.