Custom 18650 Battery Pack with Clamped Cells (no soldering on cells)



Full details here:

What do you guys think?


I like it!!:clap:

Like it. The bms is tucked away in that front panel? Great for cell maintenance and the fact you can unbolt it and bolt it somewhere else is a plus. Fully self contained unit. Like it a lot.

I asked you on reddit as well but do you have a direct link for the poron/what kind you used I investigated the sources you previously gave me but it’d be fantastic to have a link/actually know which poron product was used lol.


You are right, I did not detail poron type enough. We tried 6 samples before choosing.

I am writing a detailed paragraph on the type of poron. With specs and product numbers. When it will be done I will pm you in 2 days max.

Please do I’ve been quite interested in a bunch of their different foams. I’ve just never found them easily accessible or available. I’ve wanted to make my own pushin cushion/protective gear with their impact protection stuff as well as wanting to experiment with a pack like this but I’ve always been held up by my ability to acquire said materials.

Again thank you for this!

@lpasselin This looks cool, could it be modified for 10s5p at some stage. Are you planing to sell this as a kit?

Definitely keeping an eye on this thread.

  1. It would be easy to modify the CAD and overall design to any configuration you want.

  2. We could definitely sell custom kits if we get good offers! I don’t plan on marketing this. The work is already mostly done though. Selling a kit with bare materials (copper sheets, poron sheets, pack and copper press) might be worth it.

How much would you pay for a DIY kit?

As it is right now, we could not simply make the pack longer for 5P in a single part case. Being 3D printed on our printer with a bed of 300mm*300mm, the maximum size is 299mm.

This is a problem but we could easily find a solution. Like printing on a larger printer or use different material for the case. No worries.

That being said, if we had to do this again for a larger configuration, we wouldn’t print in a single plastic case. It works great and is simple but we should instead print two or three mini packs of 5S3P or any small parallel config you want. With large copper busbars, this could allow for a more flexible design. It wouldn’t be much harder to do than what we did.

The only problem is how we would link those modules together. We have a few ideas that don’t require passing wires through the deck.

Anything is possible really.

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It’s very similar to the NESE modules but instead the NESE uses separate cases for individual p groups. Which allows you to build whatever battery config you want much easier. This is definitely cool however would be harder to sell as you wouldn’t easily be able to support many different configurations.

@lpasselin check out the NESE modules they do something very similar to what you are talking about and are sold both as a finished product but mostly sold as a parts kit

He’s an active member on the forum as well and there’s a thread kicking around here somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m even more impressed that you seem to have come up with this idea on your own without knowing it had been done before haha


Wow NESE modules are awesome.

I remember seeing something similar from a Kickstarter when researching for this project. It seemed decent but not for our usage. It was green and yellow plastic.

I wonder what the resistance between his series connection is.

Funny how NESE guy also abandonned nickel plating!

What I had in mind initially is similar to NESE but more like lemieux’s (3K boards from Montréal)battery pack on the 3K$ board. I have early drawings of flex multi modules but we thought it wasn’t worth the trouble for a small 10S3P pack.

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I just added this for you:

Details on Poron

Email me for any questions!

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:slight_smile: Why is that funny ?

He’s complimenting your decision, let’s not turn this into a fist fight


No intention but was curious why :slight_smile:

Awesome work man.

Currently I’m looking into suitable Neoprene alternatives (I don’t like that can catch fire and while i know i have other things to worry about if i have a battery that catches on fire, i rather have material that won’t contribute to it).

Do you see this (Poron) as a better or worse for gasketing and enclosure padding comapred to neoprene?

Yeah the use of funny in this instance is like “crazy” or “coincidental” but in a non sarcastic sense

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@Jc06505n question is, does it actually burn or just melt away with a little flame.

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Neoprene ? that fucker combusts

trying to figure out what Poron does in such instances.

Because I also failed!

I am jealous of your work. Your products are very clean and well designed electrically.

I saw your NESE pack for the first time with this thread. I find the coincidence funny that our designs are similar and we both tried to plate our copper. Most other packs I saw do not bother with plating copper. We both did yet both failed (except you did not abandon plating).

You should market your product more! I thought I searched enough to find all the little gems like yours yet I only found it after I was done with my project. It is the superior way to build battery packs.

Once again great job on your designs.