Custom Battery packs

I have everything to make custom packs right now 10s or 12s vedder switch of flier 120a switch. Complete with Bms charger and enclosure. 12s4p Flat pack.

12s4p stacked pack Everything available except different cells wich I can procure within a week for a reasonable cost or 2-3 weeks for cheap 12s4p 390$ with flier antispark switch, more parallel +60$ per P. Or vise versa. 10s4p 330$ with vedder antispark switch, more Parallel +50$ per P. Or vise versa. All batteries come with charger Bms and fuse. Enclosures are negotiable and depent on wishes.


What is the price?

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So 10s3p will be $280?

Yes that is correct.

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do you ship to the UK?

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What AH batteries are you using? Looking for a 142x90x40mm 10s2P to replace my current meepo (1.0) supplied battery pack. They list their sanyo tesla cell battery replacement at $295 shipped. Do you have access to the sanyo 20700B cells?

If all you need is the battery with a bms no switch, display or charger 250$. If you find 6 like minded people that price can be reduced to 230$

I’ll ship anywhere you’re willing to pay the fedex fees for.

Yes that is correct

So is that with the 20700B cells? If so sounds reasonable to me. What is shipping on a battery like this typically? (in the US kansas). Any funky hazmat costs?

Those cells are like 8-9 dollars a piece last I checked… I came across a thread where they showed you how to get the Sanyo 20700A cells, which are actually much better, you just have to buy like a certain power tool battery pack and then open it up and get the batteries out from there. If memory serves me right, these batteries aren’t even available atm for individual sales, but acquiring them this way it works out to like 6 something a cell… Very very good deal for the new cell format! Find the that on here and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m saying.

This is a GREAT deal!!! Carvon sells a 12s3p pack with only the sensor wires and main connection for $500, and others charge over $850 for a 12s5p setup the way your doing with everything included. VERY reasonable pricing! If I ever need a battery I’ll go through you for sure!

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I get the 20700B cheaper.

Shipping is 15$

What would you charge for a 12s8p with everything except a BMS and a charger, but built as 2 6s8p side by side, that can be connected to make it a 12s8p? This would allow me to use a hobby balance charger with dual charge ports since they don’t make one that goes above 10s balance charger.

This is the charger I want to use. About how fast do you think it would be to charge up that battery with this charger running dual?

12s Lipo charger :wink:

Is just showing me a picture. Is there a link to where it has the details and etc…?