Custom enclosures for sale! Design your own

I have made few enclosures for my vanguard and few for other members in this forum. Many of you were asking me to make custom enclosures by PM. I thought that I make a thread about this. After all the enclosure is the part that gives your build the finished look! :sunglasses:

I have few molds ready, but if you couldn’t find any of these ready made molds suitable to your build hit me with PM and we talk more.

Enlosure 1:

This enclosure is made for single Vesc and receiver. Size 19,5 x 9 x 2,5 cm

Enlosure 2:

I am using this with my build. It can hold two 5s 25c 5000mah Zippys. Size L20 x W19 x H5,2 cm

Enclosure 3 and 3+:

These were made by the measurement of @fraannk to his build The iBoard | Loaded Vanguard | SK3 6382 168kv | 10S Lipo | VESC ESC | 83 mm Enertion Powerwheels:

Enlosure 3 can hold dual Vescs and receiver or 10s2p configuration. @fraannk fitted all the electronics to 3+ model!

Size: L21,5 x W19,5 x H3,2 cm (Height of 3+ is 5cm)

Price for these enclosures are 30euros/piece. Shipping and packaging to EU is 10e no matter how many enclosures you need. If you live outside EU ask for shipping to your country :slight_smile:

Ask if you have questions!

I will list these also to esk8 EU market!


I also use @Dunkirk s enclosures on my updated build. I can highly recommend :thumbsup:

I can also wholeheartedly recommend! Really nice and sleek looking enclosures. :slight_smile:

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In the thinner case I have dual VESC with receiver and in the thicker case I have 3x 4S 6000mAh LiPos :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile: @Haimindo @fraannk

Quick one: is that ABS plastic; vacuum molded?

Yes and Yes :smile:

I was just wondering for the vanguard enclosures are curved to match concave, or are just flexible enough to bend when you mount them?

Those are really classy vanguard enclosures no lie

There is no need for enclosure to curve. Plastic will form in to the shape of concave when it is bolted to the board

Wanted to check if you have done anything that could work for a build I have underway. Its using a loaded chubby unicorn so needs to be white ABS and somehow work with or around the 2 sets of grab rail indentations. Right now it is in dual diagonal configuration with 6374 motors, and 2 Miami Electric stealth 12s2p batteries that can be wired together into 12s4p flat or stacked or perhaps separate batteries/esc at each end, not sure how that would play out. Can you do something for this?

You upcoming build sounds good! You are going to have fun with two 6374s! :grin:

I suggest that you go with flat pack because those batteries totals 5cm in height when stacked. I would go with one big enclosure if your board is not flexible.

I do not have white ABS but I do not think it is a big deal to get some hobbypaint and DIY :smile:

where is that ? Looks surreal

Lofoten Islands in North Norway, it sure is magical place :slight_smile:

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@Dunkirk How big enclosures you can make? I just bought Landyacht Top speed and I want my enclosure in one piece, but my oven is too small for one piece vacuum. Or then I just have to make it in 2 pcs one for battery and one for electronics… Like most people do. I want it to be very aesthetic.

Got the same problem because using oven. I can do max 25cm x 25cm enclosures.

But I suggest that you do two identical enclosures and cut one side open from both enclosures. Then use stong clue to attach them together. The gap is almost invisible :slight_smile:

@Dunkirk hey, any chance you can make me some enclosures? I need these exact ones and same size in this picture. Currently in the UK. Let me know how much it will be and shipping costs etc :slight_smile: thanks!

Thought long power wires from battery to esc are a bad idea? They blow VESCs

@Charster10 PM sent!

@SORRENTINO Yes they might be an issue but I think that 3x680u capacitors that come with Vesc should work flawlessly. You can always upgrade bigger capacitors as @Charster10 said :slight_smile:

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