Custom enclosures for sale! Design your own

I’m going for the same 10S4P setup than you @eboosted, would love to get my hands on some files too…

@pyttroll here are some more pictures of the final product by @barajabali from Chiboards


Very nice, I’m about to start building my pack, probably will use your layout. I’m guessing you’ll be using another enclosure for the VESC(s), right?

nice work @barajabali and love the branded heatshrink nice touch

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The layout was designed by @jackw I worked with him to make it fit with the 10S4P.

Hit him up in case you need a quality custom enclosure

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I’m so hyped for your build! I’ve been following this thread for a while and this is exactly what I’ve been patiently waiting on to start building a board. These enclosures are beautiful and it’s awesome to see how multiple people are contributing.

Very high chance I’ll eventually be contacting @barajabali for the same 10S4P to be used in @jackw’s enclosure. Can’t properly express how excited I am to see the result of your board.


I just got almost all my parts but the battery. I’d like to start printing the VESCs enclosure.

@jackw would you help me out checking if the small VESC enclosure from @emancarrillo will fit two VESCs?, do you have an updated design of it?

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Pretty sure it said in the thingiverse description that it fits two vescs.

@Eboosted: I’m on my way to pick up a dual vesc enclosure that has been printing over night at my workshop. Maybe that enclosure would work for you too. @SimosMCmuffin was kind enough to help me modify it a bit to fit my needs. See this thread:

So @rwxr did you pick the enclosure up?

Try to share the pictures and let me know if the VESCs fitted good inside it

@Eboosted I tried to get the battery shell 3D printed but the person I talked to was unable to add thickness to it. Any luck on your side?

My 3d printer shop has added 3mm thickness to the design, I won’t be printing until next weekend as my battery pack would be here by Wednesday and I’d only print when I have it on my hand.

I’ll request the design as soon as I print it and will forward it to you

Super, thanks for sharing, looking forward to see all the pieces coming together.

@Eboosted: Yes. See this thread.

@jackw would it fit with a 12s3p battery made with these sleds?

I am interested in an enclosure that can fit a 6s4p 350 mm batter and esc, would you be able to do that??

Yes I am able to that. PM me, so we can talk more! :slight_smile:

Finished my Vanguard build with 2x Type 3 enclosures from @Dunkirk. The back enclosure is holding a 10s2p battery and the front enclosure the 2x VESC (wanted all the bulk and weight in the back). I trimmed the front enclosure further down by almost a cm. They are perfect for my build!:slight_smile: Detailed post will follow.



Lol, I think I might have been standing right behind you from this picture!

Awesome enclosure build, wish I had looked you up when I was in BCN a few weeks ago. Had my travel eSk8, so not huge range but hit some great places. Liked the boardwalk and Parc Forum is great when empty lol!