Custom enclosures for sale! Design your own

Hey what a surprise and yeah, what a shame!! It’s not your fault for not looking me up because there wasn’t anything to find, my bad for not posting anything sooner. I’ve been spending a while on this project but just haven’t gotten around posting anything so far :confused:. How cool to have a travel board! Did you have any issues with airlines? I read that most won’t take esk8s on board anymore as they consider them “self balancing scooters”, even though technically that’s not what they are. So apparently they won’t take for example a Boosted board, even with battery removed. So I was wondering if I just detach all the components it should work, as I would have a longboard deck + electronic components… but anyways what’s your take on this?

Nice board! What deck are you using?

Awesome design on the 10s3p for boosted. I have a 3D printer and would love to print this in Taubman Nylon. Can you share the files… [email protected]



For that trip a loaded truncated Tesseract with carvon dual v2.5 97mm. Only 33" so more of a jet spud but carves surprisingly well, compared to longer board I have been using at home. Definitely recommend it! I like your vanguard though, longer and more flex lol

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Next time, probably fall! Yes travel was a pain, mainly not knowing what to expect regardless of what airline security etc say in advance. I need to put that in a thread because once you try a few things you know what works. Then of course the airlines or airport security change the rules!!

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Oh now I see you had a thread about coming to Barcelona and I didn’t see it! I’m guessing there is a way to set keywords and get notified when they show up in a post? Have to look into this. Yes if you want to start a thread about your flying experiences that would be great, because I feel that so far all of the discussion has been focusing on batteries. But if now they don’t even want to take boards without the batteries that’s a whole new story.

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Hey, can anyone explain me the reason for this “extra edge” at the sides of the enclosures where the screws are? There seem to be some air between the screw head and the board. Is this due to stability reasons? I’m asking because my ABS enclosure cracks a little next to the screws. Best

Is @Dunkirk not around anymore? After the EU esker market shut down, I have not heard from him…

Have tried to contact him as well, need two more type 3 enclosures. Anyone want to sell theirs?

Does someone have spare Dunkirk enclosures (type is not really important)? I’d like 2 boosted style enclosures, shipped to the netherlands Thanks!

Unfortunately my enclosure is cracked in pretty much every possible way now. Would definitely recommend people add some fibreglass to keep everything together better,

Yes mine too… did you add fiberglass and does it hold it together even after it is already cracked?

No, I didn’t as my case is already cracked in every possible way, haha. It’s being held together with a lot of epoxy and duct tape.

I have purchase some thicker kydex, hopefully it works better.

Cool great idea! I ordered some Kydex sheets and will try that as well. I only have some cracks around the holes for the bolts so far, so want to reinforce that area.

Hey, do you still make them and sell them? Interested in a pair :slight_smile:

@jackw Hey! I’m doing a build on my vanguard deck as well and it would be great help if you could send me the STL files. I couldn’t find out how to PM so I’m giving this a shot. Thanks :slight_smile:

Im interested in buying one from ya! the dimensions I’m looking for are in inches are: 9.5x4.5x1.5

@jackw want a enclosure for 2x5s lipo bms and just abit space for wires

Hey! I have been trying to create my own custom enclosure for my DIY build. I have fashioned what will be a 12s6p battery and I was wondering what the largest enclosure you can create is. I need one that is about 18 inches long and 6 inches wide or so. I can send pictures and measurements. Is this something you can help me with? Mine all haven’t exactly worked out…

Hi I’m JD. I’m interested in 2 enclosures. Need them for a deck swapped Meepo AWD PRO (2 esc’s 2 batteries) So each enclosure needs to house a battery and an esc. Will only require 1 charging port and 1 power button but 2 battery level indicators . Although I could do those cut outs myself.