Custom made CNC motor mounts available for sale

Hello fellow diy’ers. I have been working on this fully adjustable custom made CNC motor mount for quite sometimes. It was design for caliber trucks and TorqueBaords 218mm truck with Turnigy 63xx sk3 motors. Specs are as fallowed:

Material: 6061 Aluminum – hefty 3/8” thick truck clamp, motor mount is 3/16” thick. Clamping action is achieved by a full 12.3mm integrated threads into the clamp, no slippage. Vibratory surface finishing. 15 degree of rotation between motor mount and truck clamp. Additional 15mm lateral motor adjustment for custom fit belt (255mm to 280mm for 36T/15T). All screws are stainless and included in the kit to fit caliber trucks (1 motor mount + 1 truck clamp + hardware). First-run production kit price is $50 including free USA shipping.


Hey that’s great! Can you make one to fit on/clamp to a Paris style truck?

Will 50mm motors also fit?

cool dude, can you add a idler?

I can modify my CNC file to fit any truck. I just need access to the dimension of the specific truck. Same thing with 50mm motors. If you can send me a link to the spec of the 50mm motor I can modify my clamp to fit.

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Idler can be added but not necessary for my motor mount because belt tension can be adjusted via lateral motor adjustment slots.

all the cool kids are running idlers so they can run loose belts… decreases pulley wear… friction… increases torque transfer… but if you don’t need one…


Here’s the motor. There’s a diagram in the listing…

Yes, motor mount can be modified to fit Racerstar 5065.

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I would also be interested in a mount that fits the 5065 racerstar motors

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Let me know how may you need. I can change my cnc file to fit 5065 racerstar motors.

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Wow, really nice ! :grinning:

On your particular set-up with SK3 6374 and TorqueBoard 218mm, do you have to off-set your motors or do you have enough space to place them face to face ?

TorqueBoards 218mm are specifically designed to fit dual 6374 motors. No off-set is necessary and plenty of room to place them face to face. I will update my post shortly to show a picture of this set up.

Hey, looks great. Does it reverse mount?

you can mount any way you want - left, right, front, or back. Very versatile mount. I will post a pic shortly.

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check out the latest pic on mounting position.

But will a 63mm motor fit there with the key bolt?

Just post another picture of both front and rear motor installed on a RKP 10" Caliber truck. 63mm motor will fit without interfering with the key bolt.

Universal Motor Mount ? For longboards and mountain boards? Is that the intention?

Current motor mounts are designed specifically for Caliber II trucks and TorqueBoards 218mm trucks. I can modified my cnc files to fit any style trucks and motors as long as I have access to the manufacturer specs. I don’t have an off-road wheel to test fit my current motor mounts.

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Cool, I like where it’s headed.

If somebody can finally make a truly Universal Motor Mount then I will really be happy.

I think you are headed in the right direction – if you can make adapters for every truck. Then you really only need I believe (2) different type of spur gears… a 36T and a 65T wheel.

You could accommodate the entire market for motor mounts. Whereas the price of longboard mounts are reasonable… the cost of offroad/mountain board mounts are ridiculous due to… I don’t know a simple lack of competition? If you just can find those 60T - 70T spur (drive wheel? I don’t know the term), it would be helpful… I know some have went to CNC mills but I never see them readily available from China.

Maybe this is a good starting point for them (not sure if they are aluminum – but preferably they should be):

Sorry don’t mean to hijack your thread… was just thinking out loud :wink: