Custom transformers themed electric skateboard

What do you guys think about this transformers board I am doing?! Let me know how you think the one of a kind look is coming out? I am almost halfway done with painting the circuits on the board! Super excited!!!



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What are the internals of the board? What’s your setup?

700 watt motors and 5500 mah battery… 25 mph and 15-20 mile range! Here is a picture right now… how to you think it is coming out?

Where did you buy those motors, and how are they? :slight_smile:

They are the motors used in the new version koowheel! NO resistance so I can go a lot farther! The boards with all extras are only like $899 right now and I am selling this one with all the extras and custom theme for only $650… $250 off price tag and includes everything and the custom look!!! Includes waterproof bag specially made for this board and custom to match board and will be done tomorrow! Along with extra controller, grip tape, lights, etc

so your buying a koowheel and just painting the griptape and art on it, btw those are not the latest koowheel motors those are like v1 there on v3 rn

What is up with the caps …


Here is what one of the boards looks like right now and still working on it as we speak!!!

Screen is crack ed where the caps lock is n gets stuck on until I start another text sometimes!!! Pain in the but but will have new phone on next we so I will have to deal for a few more days! Lol


!here is what another board I have looks like that I custom painted after inspecting and repairing anything needing attention…


I sent a couple pictures to show the last custom koowheel I did to give you an idea of the level of work that goes just into the paint jobs and we use heavy duty epoxy on our boards to protect them and keep them lasting a lot longer looking nice and makes the job of keeping it clean as well as cleaning it much easier!!! Like glass!!! And we can offer choice of theme… and a matching custom themed bag and a ton of extra stuff all for a fraction of the price of a koowheel and I am doing the custom painting for free on the boards until I can find a company that wants to pick me up, and would be willing to send me a board to custom paint for them as a concept theme for some boards or a special give away to someone after I am done designing the look like I did for the koowheel board just for fun! If a company is interested in me doing a board for them I will only ask for a board myself and then I would custom paint both boards and send the better one of the 2 back for promo or extra attention on the board! Because the boards after I finish literally get 1,000% more attention and even caught the eye of koowheel within a week after doing it without ever contacting them at all!!! And they found me and contacted me and asked me to email them about it and they absolutely loved it and asked for rights to pictures and videos which I agreed to and they put up a couple gigabytes of video some places online! If I can find a company interested I will do something really cool and unique with the board that will really get a lot of positive attention!!! If your company would be interested let me know and I would be interested in trying out a board and giving it a custom look and show it all on YouTube and or anywhere and everywhere else!!! So any company interested let me know before I lock in with whatever work for the summer!!!

can I trade you $300 in parts for one of your koowheels?

So basically its a koowheel board with a fancy paint job I wouldn’t really consider that a real custom as it is many just a spray painted griptape. If you want to see truly custom boards look at my Instagram or some of the other custom builders on Instagram Bear Walker boards or Primate boards.

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