DARTH VAPOR street fighter & offroad version | 130KV | VESC6 FOC | 12S12AH (x2) | CUSTOM X-MOUNT & CARBON DECK cover

Hi e-rider,

1st, a little preview :blush:

I have to present you my emtb (evolving seens 2015 year after year), here is some view of the stages : 2015 2016 - 1st 2016 - 2nd 2016 - 3rd

2017 - 1st (proto)

Now this is the final of the street fighter version :muscle: :blush:

The setup :

  • Deck : Scrub custom carbon
  • Battery: 12S 12Ah (532Wh with 2 x 6s Graphene) / (10s5Ah street version)
  • Motor : 2 x Overion 6374 130kv sensored 3.55kW
  • ESC : 2 x VESC6
  • Mounts : custom X-mount
  • Switch : XT90s by Overion
  • Enclosure : custom glass & carbon fiber
  • Wheels : Superstar 8" by Trampa
  • Driver: 11 x 36T 6B by Overion
  • Remote : GT2B MadM made by @Pimousse
  • Add-ons : LED AV & AR (soon)

Photos will tell you more than my poor English :

Update coming soon ! Thanks e-riders :wink:


save for OffRoad version :wink:

Some fresh news about it :

passed from 10s5Ah to 12s12Ah test seens end of august, 1st with same ratio than the street setup 11x36T - 3.27:1 ratio +55kmh, it’s a little monster Then tried yesterday with 11 x 42T - 3.82:1 :smile:
Even better, bigger acceleration, setup keep a really good vmax more than 45kmh allmost 50 (too mutch for me, dont need it). But always need more power now in offroad for better capacity in uphill…

I will continu testing, this month I want test again my crazy powerfull ratio of the 1st proto = 9x42T = 4.67:1 :smiling_imp: (vmax nearly 45kmh max) should be really perfect !

more to comes …


Looks cool bro :sunglasses: I like the esc shelf between the motor mounts :ok_hand:

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Same ! Your pics are crazy too.

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looks like some heavy gauge chain too. I did the numbers on using 1/8th gauge track bicycle chain but couldn’t get the gear reduction I wanted. looks tough :punch:

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Chain size is ISO6b. For heavy duty use :imp:

Yes, like Pimousse said :wink: some heavy chain for heavy power !


a pleasure to ride and to the eyes !

Some other pics peace


Yes, that is a good luck :smile: I have draw this mount 1 year and alf ago and it was for VESC 4.XX more slim, but finaly yes it was a real surprise … Im pretty lucky with it :blush: A chance that my decoration bars was still at the good dimension and spacing too ! It Willozboard who inspire me, and then I’ve seen this on a e-toxx mount with HW4.XX too. Once again thanks to @Pimousse & Overion for the finish of my mount !

Good riiide


Last 10s rides for this week … The street version being validated, I earn 2s and some small completion,… in addition to a small bulging of the central part for the offroad setup (empty until then) :blush:


An other pic for the street version :wink:

now … things changes a bit :

Passing from 10s5Ah to 12s12Ah for off road version gonna be hard to integrated but … if you got somes ideas, I’m taking :blush:

Thank you e-rider !


Hey eriderz !

Always in the rescherche of the perfect setup under my feet … I continu testing, voltage, ratio … After some rides now in 12s, wow the little beast is totally crazy now !.. With this setup (orginaly in 10s for the strret version - 11x36T - 3.27:1 - vmax = 55kmh) got way to mutch topspeed ! Now I really need more torque and start power (like my 1st proto 2017 - 9 x 42T - ratio 4.67 look needed agin).

So I run a new test yesterday (I always got the 42T with the good chain lenght), so 11 x 42T - ratio 3.82:1 - a lot more fun (I also put 60 MMC - 55 BMC) vmax calculed 45kmh, ridedat about 40 kmh, once again not needed, so plan to retest soon the 9T sprocket for the 9 x 42T setup !

No finish yet durung the test, I will make a top cover,… and watter/dust-proof this VESC6 box … but don’t now how to procede for this one this time (resin FG/CF … shape of the molding … will see).

Good ride all !


ok … hum, don’t know how to tell you guys … I passed VESC6 from BLDC to FOC yesterday …

I’m still trying to get over it

Nice build. Is that 12s pack not 12s1p 6Ah though? Looking at constructing some longer ranger 12s or 10s packs myself, but 1p is limited in that regard.

Have you tracked your max range yet?

Hey, thanks @telnoi ! No it’s a 2x6s lipo graphene pack, it make 12s 12Ah 1p 15c (around 180amps max continious, 30c brusht I guess …)

Was looking for a liion cell pack too, but the price of this pack (around 180€ with shipping and custom) convinced me in addition to all the good returns on graphene. Hope there is an other destock like this soon to twice the range (with one in the backpack).

No max range yet, saturday (when passing in FOC mode, thanks @Pimousse ) I make a super cool 1st ride ride with some esk8squadfr riders and WOOOW !!! Hard to tell how much I love it … the change BLDC/FOC is so MASSiiiiVE ! I’m so happy to have try it mode by mode, step by step seen bldc, parameter by parameter and finaly come to this amazing FOC mode. A BiG BiG BiG Up again to Benjamin for all the work made and Trampa for the support of this gorgeous product !

So, the ride : 19km (cause of the night and I got no light and some others too…shame) - 16Wh/km (around 0.44Ah/km) - 8400mah recharge in the pack (in 1h @ 0.9C - 4.15v/cell) - max fets temps 30°C - motor max 110Amps - bat max 62 amps - vmax 45kmh by night in the little trail. Like that, we could estimate more than 25 km cool off road - 30 km eco street mode. And real offroad terrain … we never know :sweat_smile: I will try a full range soon, but I never ride eco mode :smile:

Now I see I got to finish this proto :blush: need to make my lipo box (or a 409 Dry Box) and waterproof the vesc6 case (pass them in the back of the deck in a 206 Ultrabox) … the poor little ones, I must take care nevertheless :

I take all your advices and suggestion for case, water/dust-proof and strong box for a big lipo pack and v6 case :grin:


Hey e-riderz !

So, I’m playing it Squad design :blush: 409 Dry Box on the way. And I think 206 on the back …

Lets go for a more secured and water/dust-proof version ! And a clean up ! with a little more (for the new 4.667 : 1 ratio)

more to comes, I want to ride it again soon soon soon now !!!


Also have the 206 lying around, but wondering if I should cut out part of the top and essentially attach the VESCs to the bottom of the lid to allow for airflow. What are your thoughts on that?

Hey thanks ! Yes I see you mean like this : With the telemetry lifts made from VESC Monitor and VDLA, VESC not exceeding 32 ° C,… I have margin especially with the seasons to come (it is already much cooler besides!). Or really made it like Squad did perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: for maximaning it, but actualy it’s not a priority,… winter is coming ! (I keep that for spring/summer 2018 :blush: but hope to finish an other and closed V6 Box Xmounted !)

But firstly I think I will put them at the bottom of the box, simply, with 2mm of bushing… (better will explain better if I got time tomorow !


Hey, really nice work here! Been following along for some time now. Glad to see the new vescs fit the 206 box (I was hoping they would).

Do you know if we need to add cooling fans or capacitors?

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If I may answer for him : no for both. We ride pretty the same setup, and I even push it further going high uphill (resulting in 37Wh/km) without exceeding 50°C ! And no fan, only passive cooling (both VESC are screwed to a carbon fiber plate with additional thermal paste between VESC case and CF plate). And for capacitor, even in FOC, it runs flawlessly with genuine built-in cap. :wink: