DARTH VAPOR street fighter & offroad version | 130KV | VESC6 FOC | 12S12AH (x2) | CUSTOM X-MOUNT & CARBON DECK cover

Thought so but didn’t want the nice finishing layer to pop off under heavy riding. happened with the alu fiber can’t wait to finish my current deck

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No, there is only the soul of the deck… I’m with Trampa Vertigo trucks, red Dampas

I used the Scrub one 1 time in mountainboard 1st beggin … And then “custom” them with 10mm axel to fit 97mm FW :blush: But never really test it again …

Now got the Matrix 2 pro for my no electric mtboard waiting for testing … but the calling of the Darth is too strong :imp: ! As soon as I find a good spot I ship it on the backpack !! I am a brand new and young thirty-year-old debutant, I really need to practice and learn everything a lot !!!

hahaaa :smile: ho yes ! That fµck!ng truuue !! It is really a wonderfull, greatfull and confortable type off ride on a powerfull setup which I can not do without now !!! And the V6 + Overion motor give me all and even more pleasure than what expected/I could expect from it in riding style !!! these abilities go so far beyond mine,… I like it so mutch :heart_eyes_cat:

Yeah, I’m also eyeing on this one for me … :scream: or a X-shape : :blush: it could be a good start to solve some small and insinuating pb I got if I ever fall for it/her (haha) and it is already the case, I must wait at least 2018 for that !.. :money_mouth:

Also, got an other little vid of saturday ride e-riderz !

Now I would have to think seriously about finishing this version … but it will take time I think ! priority to ride now !


Hey e-riders !!

This is about this WE, :sunny: please don’t laught, I start training and practicing a bit more so it allows me to keep track of evolution

I received some battery and my module metr.at (got some reading to do) !!! Thanks @rpasichnyk for all your amazing work too !

…but I see


  1. If you want to change configuration over bluetooth with perimetr, you need VESC firmware version 3.29 or newer. Use official VESC Tool to update.

arg… I have to past to 3.29 or 30 … I’m in 3.28FW that I like to ride

And what I discover after the WE … … don’t know how it appened :smile: it’s really not very serious, I have others !

and an other one :wink:

Peace !


Some lost scene …



to celebrate my +1.7kWh new capacity, a little preview of a short record of my today cruising under FW3.32 +metr.at ! :smile: it disconnect all the time, so … yeah nothing to see … I really have to deport it out of this little box !


What batteries did You use to get over 1kWh? I’m looking around for something that could provide me with more range, last time me and Idea rode together off-road my 12S10Ah battery allowed me to travel about 18km, thought for a while about 12S8P liion pack but it probably wouldn’t fit in my battery box without modding or changing it. For now I’m looking at turnigy multistar 6S16Ah bricks and wondering if they would perform good or not, their price is tempting…

:smile: yeah it was exactly my little problem ! With 2x6S12Ah15c graphene it works fine (something like you 20km range) so I buy 2 more for the backpack. The setup is at his maximum weight imo. And I actualy get a fully garage/workshop in my backpack (to besure to alway finish the ride). I will make some place for this 2 new babies !! So got 4x6s12Ah15c / 12s 24Ah 30c if I really want some time (Its easy to add them on the top of the central box). And I also got small one actually, in case for training at a spot and want a lightweight setup : 4 x 6s 8Ah 15c Graphene too = 12s 16Ah 30c I dont know if I keep them but I think its good to have too (I can have different weighted setup 12s8Ah, or 12s12Ah that I know well now, 12s24Ah easy with backpack or 12s40Ah for long WE multiride but …HMG that weight in the back …

So grand total of 1776 Wh if I really really want :blush: around 80km !?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

The discharge rating of cells stays the same no matter how You connect them, they still can provide 15C BUT if You connect two 12Ah packs parallel, it’s 15 times new capacity which is 24Ah, so 360A instead of 180 (which in any case is more than enough :wink: )

But holy f*** 80kms, that’s impressive :smiley: I’m more and more leaning toward buying those multistars, if they won’t sag that much (they shouldn’t, even with their 10C rating it’s 160A continous discharge, and I never saw currents exceed like 80-90A burst), they would be really nice long range batteries.

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:blush: ho yes … thanks ! Yes I could connect my 2 x 12s12Ah pack in // for a crazy lipo pack ( but with the weight its will be more for long cool ride hiking…and after I forget the jumps :smile: ) Yes, I thinks 160A its fine and for the price and cool long ride like you say it should work fine … I’m with 180A like you know (I’m with 60amps batt max and 70 motor max actually) and its fine not hot in the closed Drybox, I saw around 70amps batt max in ackmaniac/VDLA …

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Hey hey hey e-riderz !

1st ride on snow here around Paris :smile: as directmeent roll in the water, it’s the same !!!..

she had to sleep in the hallway … she dripped for hours after that … but at least the deck and tires are all clean now :blush:

Also, got my 2nd reccorded section on metr app (of only 1.4km :cry: ) !.. youhou … I try anything I guess, now I will send to @Pimousse toswitch it at 9600b so…

Good friday all :wink:


Hey e-riders !

Last ride of the year,… Really great as fµck! !! some unnecessary shots :

and a good little drop in less than 30min :smile: then we take the opportunity for a full cleaning wind-up at the end of the year !!

:wave: best wishes to all :wink:


Before dismantling :blush: some funny shot :


Hey hey hey e-riders !

Finally back in the Darth adventure, but 1st want to thank you all for your sharing, inspiration, and motivation !! Particularly @Pimousse & @Yann that I annoy very regularly and always the heart on the hand full of good advice and Squad, @Der6FingerJo, @stewii, @Idea, @LukePL, @Nowind, @DanSkates, @Kug3lis, @longhairedboy (sorry 10 names max …) ESK8-FR and all of you once again for all the good things, words and advice sharing on this forum ! (Also thanks to okp and fottaz for another build that I’m making for Zigm4 that he will show you soon :blush: )

Now that I’m making another little training eATB (I target less than 10 kilos), not as powerful as the Darth but as long as it rolls, I have work to at least pretend to do mini jumps ! So I really want to let go of the aesthetics of this setup … we will see where I could go …

the Darth is in pieces. Here is what happened to the deck :sweat_smile: :

So, I start to remake a DIY enclosure 3D print then layered :

Now a lot of work is waiting for me and I can not wait to re-ride again so, we’ll have to move my ass now !!!

to be continued …


Looking forward to seeing the next Darth evolution!

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Thanks Dan ! Yes me too :star_struck: (but, no evolution on the hearth of the board > the amazing VESC6 + Overion transmission and 6374 130kv + 12s Graphene is my perfect combo for now.)

But I would like to innovate and try something different just right. I take all the advice and ideas, what will be an evolution for you ? :blush:

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agreed, can’t top that right now! VESC 6 really is completing mountainboards.

What i would really like to see is a sick ass looking enclosure for batteries on top of a mtb deck. Right now i only like the Lipos without anything on them because ultraboxes just look so clunky. I originally wanted to print something but i doubt that it would hold up when made out of PLA, and anything else would take really long and get expensive.

Anyways, can’t wait to hear about all your upcoming projects mate!

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PETG maybe?

That would be better than PLA. But i’m not sure about PETG in general , the Benchys i printed with PETG are really stiff and strong, much more so than the pla’s, but i got the feeling that my petg motor mounts flexed more than the pla ones.

WOW - your board has some seriously nice electrics dude! I’m hoping to upgrade to some of these components in the future.

The evolution for me is going to be my riding - I wanna go faster, jump higher and spin more! :crazy_face: Btw…finally got round to editing my video and just added it to my thread - check it out!

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