Data overlays on your video? what do you use

Great, nice video btw. I am still looking at iphone apps for speedometer, distance, HUD etc, which ones did you use for the video and like the best in general. Sorry to derail the thread, PM me if easier, thanks!

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I used a Garmin Virb camera, which records all sorts of data and connects to GPS (to get things like the map for the loop, speed, elevation, etc)

so as far as apps, I can’t really help ya… just buy a Garmin Virb X or XE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You know you can just download th virb softwate for free and use it with go pro…

yep… but that won’t get you any data.

The garmin devices all export the same tyoe of data that can be read by the virb editting app, and then translated into thousands of different gauges.

so what I tend to do is just leave my virb on throughout my whole ride/trip/filming sesh so that I have consitent data across the board that can be overlayed onto any one of my 3 cameras.

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I believe theres something that was going around the subreddit. Not sure how good or even if this works. might have been a spambot promoting.

I’ve got that app that Lulu said. Haven’t recorded anything yet but the overlay looks good.

An acquaintance of mine created the Trace Up. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but it’s supposed to be cool. I’ll try to get my hands on one soon.


Wow, snowboarding half pipe looks like fun!

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That’s a powerful little action camera. Not sure why anyone would buy a go pro over it. Garmin should do a little more marketing to let people know it exists

I know!!

For me the only downside is the 1080p 60fps limit, but in actually 4k isn’t really mainstream yet… it’s just nice for cropping.

Not many people have 4k screens yet. I was all ways curious as to how u got the speed on ur video, now I know. Not to hijack this thread

check out this video (on the garmin website homepage) showing the different overlays based on the sensors:

also worth a look as this guy reviews basically every action camera, fitness watch, or anything with tech and activities you can imagine. He definitely shows its strengths and weaknesses well.

also, I wouldn’t say it’s highjacking the thread; haha this thread was on jacobs hubz page, so I moved it to its own…

True. But if you have a gps device you can get the data and import it as well.

Heres a video i used gopro camera and my phone for gps data then imported into virb software.

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The android app will only work with a virb camera. There is no information that it can work with any footage.

So you just recorded everything with the gopro, recorded gps data with the smartphone app and then used the software to merge both?

This = true

The app i used on my phone was strava for what its worth.

I dont want to annoy you… I just want to get it clean:

You used a GoPro (the camera doesnt matter as long as it can record a video) and you used Strava for the gps data?

That sounds nice because i do not need to change my app :slight_smile:

Thats exactly what I did. Gopro video. Strava gps data. Import both into virb software. Synchronise (this can be a little fiddly to get right) and choose your overlays etc. Done.

What about the vesc overlay? That’s a lot of great info that goes unnoticed on the bottom of the board. How to record it?

I think you need to have a laptop tethered to it lol. Thats what benjamin did in his demo video: So you could just have a laptop in a backpack.

Any more to add to the list? I recently download / used this app:

Autoboy blackbox

The problem with the app is that, you have to somehow export the ‘‘info’’ file to the video directly, as the data is only shown when you view the video in the app… on the sd card/phone storage, the video is without the overlay… If I get it working or find another app, I will let others know!