Debating max6 vs vesc and 8s/12s

im going to be building a holypro mtb in the near future. i was pretty set on running a 12s for power, while the vesc6 does look good, its currently out of stock and hasnt been out long for people to give proper advice on it.(not to mention the crazy price). and it seems like all the other 12s compatible escs arent the greatest, im not interested in any reliability issues. now im second guessing it and thinking about running dual max6’s with 8s for now(not to mention its a tried and trued setup) and probably more user friendly. im just thinking it might not have the power i want. im 75kg and basically want to be able to top out atleast 30mph while still having sufficient torque on a 5:1 gear setup.

should i wait and go 12s later? or just commit and buy dual vesc6’s?

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I wanna start my mountainboard setup soon too and was asking the same question. @Nowind video of his 8s max6 setup is the reason i´m going this route over the vesc. Cheaper, lighter, much more robust, waterproof, cool housing from Nowind available, much more punch than the vesc.


I was thinking myself of buying the Max6 instead of a VESC as it seems to deliver quite good. I have seen it at £125 in UK which is pretty decent. And the anti-spark is included, which saves you a few more £ as well. Look for the posts of @Idea, he has an 8S set up on a MTB and he sells the motor mount. If I remember correctly he was reaching quite impressive speed with 8S.

Can you set a amp limit in the max6/8 to not kill the batteries?

bruh did you just do a wheelie in the video??

Hate to nitpick but thats a manual :joy:/

yeah ive seen that video. honestly looks like it has a good amount of power.its just hard to judge from videos! but this will not have more punch than 12s on vescs like you mentioned…lol

I believe MAX6 can pump a good power. I have Trampa MTB setup too, using Trampa motor 136KV, i wish can use MAX6 with 8s but i loss some top speed with this low KV motor from esk8 calculation, so i end up go for FVT 12s sleeping lion ESC which @Idea Tom test it with improve firmware. But I just fried my ESC last week due to wrong remote wire connection and sent back to FVT for repair. Haven try out yet.

Estimated next week will get my ESC and go for run.

i guess what im really looking for is people that have gone the 8s route and switched to 12s. do alot of you guys just stick with it and find that its plenty of power? or do you end up wanting a faster setup? having the option to be able to do 65kmh if i wanted sometimes would be nice. i just think 8s with 190k motors on a mtb wont be enough and i might get tired of it:laughing:

they even have a max8 esc for more amps so these can deliver lots of power. I have one on a 1/5 RC car but I can’t find anywhere to limit the amps. Wouldn’t this kill our battery packs pulling way to much amps from it?

That´s @nowind not me in the video :wink:

@minim no you have to get some really good batteries that are able to deliver some juice.

@lunasicc this 8s setup is able to deliver more power than a 12s Vesc setup. Do the math: 8S with max6: 8 x 3,6V x 150A =4320W 12S with Vesc: 12 x 3,6V x 50A =2160W So yes pretty much twice the power on the paper :wink: You need higher Amp ESCs on 12S to get even more power. If you wanna go faster, take a higher KV motor. But I haven´t seen someone going over 60km/h with a eMTB.

@Minim the max8 is only a 6s ESC. And yes, you´re able to kill weaker batteries with normal ESC without Amp regulation.

@TarzanHBK If using 12s 120A ESC means can have 5000+W? Higher volt, less amp draw and lower volt, higher amp be draw right?

On the paper yes, not sure what this ESC is able to deliver in real world. That´s correct

a vesc6 is higher than 50 amp… there are many more knowledgable people than me on here, but what i do know for sure is a 12s will destroy a 8s in everything. assuming you have the esc’s and battery to support it. and people have gotten to 40 mph/65kph on a emtb. done with a 12s and 200kv motors lol.

I ment Max5 sorry, That one is rated at 200A 8S. It’s very tempting to go this way instead of expensive and unstable VESC knowing how good the hobbywing ESCs are. I use them on my big 6S multirotor hexa also with great results. On my 1/5scale car I drive it in snow, mud, rain and everything without problems :slight_smile:

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Sure when Vesc 6 is finally in the shelves why not.

Do you have a link to a video with someone doing over 60 kph?

You asked for advice, so if you wanna wait for the Vesc 6 and want to spend the money on it, go for it. Should be a good pick for a MTB. If you wanna save some moneys and want a proven, nice punshy board, consider the 8s setup. Have fun building and tell us what route you went.

Thats just not true :wink:

A normal Vesc 4 on 12S, even with 100a motorcurrent dont delievers the torque of a 8S Max6 with High-C rated Lipos… and on 100A they tend to die… again a normal unmodified Vesc4

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Is there any negative about the max6 besides the lack of amp limit?

The Brake sound is annoying…

How is the accleration? can it be set so that its massive with full throttle but still possible to accelerste gently with part throttle or do you need to reprogram it if you want to cruise?