Delivery update? Raptor

Just wondering when the new batch of boards is gonna get shipped?? I was told last month then this month? Yet no updates,it’s almost winter here. Just want to ride my raptor before the rain!

#4630 California Raptor mono .

Batch 3 users only just got theirs when they ordered at end of May. Unless Enertion have managed to fully restock on all parts, yourve got at least another month by estimates. Try Enertion support. Their last update on parts was good, but they may not have all the decks as they only come on batches of 20-30 and thats if all non defective when they arrive.

Just be patient. It kills you I know, but thats the reality.

Also they still need to be made by hand then packaged up for shipping. A good sign of pending arrival is when the battery comes. The board should then be a week or so away. The whole thng is a logistical nightmare for them. Lucky Im in Aus at least.

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From my order date I got mine in about 3 months. I think it will always take them 2-3 months due to the fact they can only build a certain amount every month.

I’ve had my battery for over two weeks now??

When was your order placed?

Do you think the DIY kits will take 2 to 3 month as well? If so, screwed. I’m moving.

Honestly not sure but it should not because that is parts enertion has in stock and there is no building required from them. If those take more than a week or two to ship, then that’s bad service. If I was to order the kit, I’d wait a few business days and if I see nothing then I’d contact them. If nothing has shipped for two weeks id start thinking of refund… Cuz no one should have to wait that long for kits.

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I’m order #3947 for raptor dual got email from them this morning saying on September 3rd they will start shipping the next batch after that. They have everything in stock to start building hope this helps

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Really?.. 99% of delays are due to being out of stock… which is normally due to some crazy logistics screw up or customs delay or some other unforseen circumstances or recently due to limitations of our suppliers…

If we have stock we generally ship next day.

I ordered first week of July, the website said they would ship in August. I wish he would only sell what he has built. My suggestion would be build as many as he can, put them for sale. then when out of complete boards say out of stock,and update people on when new ones are available. The way he’s doing buisness is going to cost him loyal customers.


You’re not the only one to think this way…

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Enertion could probably do what you are saying, but its probably to a point that he cant keep up with orders given their staff issues again. Most of the issues I think stems from all the dramas they had with supply of parts. They have said if they dudnt have the issues they wouldnt of had so many delays.

You have to remember it does take time to build them. Even though they say in vlogg its a matter of minutes. They would still need to test it, pack it, organise logistics. They are also selling other patrs and having to admin. All takes time and currently as I know it its not full time.

Just be patient. The wait will be woth it. You have ordered one of the best eboard there is, so unfortunately that cones with having to wait. They can only manage to get 20-30 carbon decks made. There is the possibility they may go with a more readily awailable deck with timber and carbon face. That might also be a more cost effective option to offer.

It showed as in stock when I ordered (items that are not in stock are clearly marked). Was that information correct? If that is the case my shipment should already be on the way and any further hangups or delays would not be Enertion’s fault. I stand by you on that point if that’s the way things are going down. That is a situation that I and most any reasonable person can be satisfied with as a customer. As the Uber + kit still shows as in stock I’ll assume that my order went out on the 24th.


Ok. So I posted about my fears of not getting my dual raptor kit before I have to move to another state, so it is only fair that I post about Enertion delivering the goods in a completely reasonable timeframe. It seems that they are back on task as promised, and that my fears were for nothing. My shipment has cleared customs in Los Angeles and is on it’s way to my living room assembly shop on Monday. Two and a half weeks for in stock items from a small operation startup company on the other side of the globe… I can live with that. @onloop, sorry for the doubts, and thanks for giving me reason to post positively about Enertion’s services. This is a post that I wish I could have read before I pulled the trigger on my kit. I’m looking forward to officially joining the esk8 club. Cheers. (Yeah, I said cheers. It’s my nod to the Aussies)


@onloop plz ask Linda to check her emails first thing Monday AM. Just bought/sent you guys a £20 Starbucks gift thingy (round of coffee on me for u all) to aid getting these Raptors shipped :slight_smile:


You still don’t have the raptor?? Hasn’t it been months since you ordered?

Mine is supposed to ship early next week order 3947

Nope still waiting unfortunately… :frowning: But on the plus side Linda has been really good at keeping me updated. Enertion’s Customer Service is definitely improving. I’m hoping mine will ship this week as winter is beginning now n the UK weather sucks hard.

What was reason for delay? Before it was VESCs but now I thought they had those available readily.