DieBieMS v0.8 2nd batch (Total 48pcs, closed)

Hi All, trying to organise a 2nd batch of the DieBieMS board (6-12s BMS)

The deliverable are as followings: 1 x DiebieMS v0.8 (2oz PCB) assembled. (SD Card and RF module NOT mounted). Components I have stayed true to the original design including the expensive press fit terminals

5 red and 5 black x wire connectors (non-crimped) for battery and VESC 4x. 1x Male 16P connector 20 pcs non-crimped terminal for balance cables (some are spares) 1x Momentary switch 1x OLED 0.96 Display 4x single end male connector with cable (JST 1.25mm 5p, 10mm) (Display, switch, canbus) 1x single end male connector with cable (JST 2mm 4p, 10mm (VESC side can bus) 6x M5x14 spacer screws 1x 80A Fuse

Asking for 120USD/pc shipped to major cities around the world via Hong Kong Post with tracking Number. (~8-10 days) destination tax and duties not included. PM if interested, I will create PayPal invoices. 10USD/pcs goes to @JTAG as donation for the great design.

The new batch will start when I have received 20 pcs interest. Would take around 4 wks to make. **** Remember to use CC/CV power supply with the BMS.

A quick instruction guide:

Some quick video for showing how to get things started. (Please excuse the quality, quite busy lately, kind of rushed it, will improve along the way)

Charging Test

Configuring packs



Interested members so far: Andy 1 SORRENTINO 1 Moros 1 SkaterBoy58 1 angeljmm 1 myreala 1 karma 1 mishrasubhransu 1 evoheyax 2 Arzamenable 3 bevilacqua 1 Taliesin 1 deucesdown 2 linsus 1 willumpie82 1 Ckarg 2 MaartenvanEls 1
dkac 1
hexakopter 2 bplatoff 1
skatardude10 1 Hanok 1 chocol4te 1 Blix 1 Zimnismoboy34 1 Holyman92 1 Eboostin 4 Blacksheep 1 Skifree 2 Johnj143 1 MechaMatt 1 samau18 1 Colson003 1 AgileCow 1 nuttyjeff 1 PrestonYoungsley 1 Minim 1 Angelesen 1 Total 48

I am in Hong Kong, so my replies may be delayed. A little background about myself. I own a electronic factory in China (smart home).


I already have a PCB, are you able to sell just components and if so for how much? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are these completed and coded to plug and play? Thanks

Sorry, I don’t think I can support that, since It may be too much effort to individually pack and re-label all the components.

yup. just wire it up to your own board. I have included almost all of the necessary parts to do the job. (terminals, switch, lcd)

great will pm you

Just the headlines, what makes this BMS special ?

I think pretty much the best BMS I can find out there, premium components, CANBUS support.

Best of all open sourced.

More details on Danny’s project page.

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Thanks… I will dive in to that, when i got the time. Can this BMS handle over 80amp discharge , that my curent bestech bms offer

excuse my basic questions… what is the charge/discharge capacity?

From the github description

Max load current +/- 100A (both directions, theoretically it’s 140A but this is still untested).
Max charge current 10A (with diode) or 30A (with diode bypass). Cell voltage range 2.5V to 4.5V Pack voltage 12V to 54V

** I put 80A fuse on the board, so people don’t push it the board too hard.

Put me down for one. Whats total with shipping? EU

No problem, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

i am in for one. seems to be so good. pm-ing @Samau18.

So insted of those crappy battery meter displays we all use, this info display that comes with the bms, gives all the cool info, in a more precise way

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The screen currently doesn’t do that now. But it is possible since it is open source firmware. You can currently view the BMS status via CANBUS, so extending to the remote should be possible.

Sorry for asking, but i was unable to get the info in the GitHub… What exact size is the PCB?

I don’t have it with me today, I will measure it on my Monday at the factory.


140x70 i think, but better check the original diebiems thread.

Edit: I checked 140x60x15mm

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So I could use this bms for my 8s setup and if I want to upgrade to 10s or 12s it would support either configuration?