DieBieMS v0.8 Batch 3

Gauging interest for the 3rd run of the board.

Trying to maintain the list google sheets this time.

Batch 3 interest https://docs.google.com/a/kopi-d.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBzjW1MZgIS4r-k8R1eO9UYA3uM1IBcLiQTiChG8Jq0APy4w/viewform

Batch 2 post

The deliverable are as followings: 1 x DiebieMS v0.8 (2oz PCB) assembled. (SD Card and RF module NOT mounted). Components I have stayed true to the original design including the expensive press fit terminals

5 red and 5 black x wire connectors (non-crimped) for battery and VESC 4x. 1x Male 16P connector 20 pcs non-crimped terminal for balance cables (some are spares) 1x Momentary switch 1x OLED 0.96 Display 4x single end male connector with cable (JST 1.25mm 5p, 10mm) (Display, switch, canbus) 1x single end male connector with cable (JST 2mm 4p, 10mm (VESC side can bus) 6x M5x14 spacer screws 1x 80A Fuse

Asking for 120USD/pc shipped to major cities around the world via Hong Kong Post with tracking Number. (~8-10 days) destination tax and duties not included. PM if interested, I will create PayPal invoices. 10USD/pcs goes to @JTAG as donation for the great design.

The new batch will start when I have received ~50 pcs interest. Would take around 4 wks to make. **** Remember to use CC/CV power supply with the BMS.


Form submission sent! :smile:

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Let make this happen :stuck_out_tongue:

I am on and registered in the interests lists! :blush::blush:

BTW, is «esk8 handle» my nick on this forum?

Yes. I should prob include email in there as well. No point in asking again later.

What are the import fees to the Netherlands? Are they much?

I think @willumpie82 from batch 2 said there was none.


If it works the same as in Germany then you will need to pay VAT but only if it gets picked up by customs. Some times people get lucky, other times people don’t get lucky.

ah ok, thanks

Quick update, we have 10 so far. For those 10 who filled the form, can you send me your email via PM so I can keep track of you guys, instead of asking at the end.

I have added email request in the form for any future interest.



Where are we at now? Hoping this does push through! :smile:

We have 20 now.

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Nice 10 more in a day! lets get this batch underway :smile:, Also I PM’ed you my email details. I’m guessing I’m in the first 10 probably to sign up for it

@Samau18 did you get my request for the change of the number of DieBieMS i would like to take? You didn’t respond to my first PM, just asking. :wink:

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Updated, we are now @22pcs

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Now you got me thinking if I need more than one lol

@Wraith First i just wanted 2, than my friends showed up and also wanted some :sweat_smile:

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you’re getting 2 so you can have a backup or did you need it for 2 builds? I was thinking of getting another one as backup in case I break it but I havent heard of anyone actually breaking one of these things under intended use/operation

I only have one board, but multiple packs. I want to dedicade a BMS to each LiPo Pack, so that i can easily swap between them.

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I do hope that @JTAG implements the USB C by the time this gets finalized and production starts so maybe we can get that feature on this batch? Could be wishful thinking at this point but who knows? :smile:

I read the original DieBieMS thread and tried to comprehend as much as I could but I’m not sure if they USB C feature will be possible to add via hardware or software in if it doesn’t make it to the third batch.

But I get ahead of myself :sweat_smile: we gotta get to 50 pcs!