DieBieMS v0.8 Batch 3

Where are we at on this now? Would love to have this push through!

Me2, but i currently won’t increase my number of pcbs anymore. I carry already enough of it :wink:

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I might just add one more but maybe and only maybe if we were short one unit to get production rolling :laughing:

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we are at 23pcs at the moment.

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Added 1 more to the list.



Almost at half! Thanks @Samau18

Will future batches need higher order amounts? I noticed that batch 2 needed ~20 while batch 3 needs ~50 while everything else stays constant. Any chance production can begin with less than 50 buyers?

Yes trying to keep my suppliers happy, they won’t like it if I keep making 50 pcs quantity.


Hahaha, I am afraid that that won’t happen so fast :sweat_smile:.

Also, USB-C PD will always be an add on option; this to allow people who already have a BMS to get this feature as well, but also to not further increase the cost of the BMS.

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Thats awesome! I love how it’s so customizable allowing people to build on it like having the USB-C.

Really great job and I really would like to get my hands on one but not sure how long its going to take for this 3rd batch to hit the ~50 mark

I’ve got next to no knowledge in hardware so I hope to get a guide or help on how to add that onto it once you deem it ready!

Are we still waiting for 50, or we can lower the threshold to 20-30?

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Hoping for this as well but likely @Samau18 prefers keeping the order quantity at 50 for the sake of the manufacturer which I hear is quite good given the last batch’s responses

For the sake of the components suppliers rather, I am the manufacturer. Those components suppliers always asks for quantities of thousands. If I keep placing low quantities order, they will stop being interested. I am pushing it already even for 100sets (50pcs being the current target start point).


28pcs at the moment


Oh sorry about that. Compliments to the great quality go to you and your suppliers then :smile:


We are @32 pcs


How far along are we now? :grin:

33pcs so far

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Just to clarify, there are no differences between this batch and the 2nd batch with the diebiems?

I haven’t heard of any update from Danny, but will see at the end of the survey. If he is something simple and useful we will update also.

The only difference will be flashing the latest firmware, but batch 2 user can do it themselves.

alright might update my order in the next few weeks but I’ll let you know before I do!

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