Different decks - stability and acceleration

I’ve skated on and off for the past 25 years or so, but I just recently got my first electric skateboard (a WowGo 3 longboard).

Now I’m thinking of getting either a DIY-kit or a bolt-on kit so that I can choose my own deck. If find it hard to adjust to the longboard after so many years on “regular” boards.

I have an oldschool reissue board (think wide 80’s boards) that I’m considering using. Alternatively I will buy a crossbreed deck that is something in between a regular cruise deck and a longboard. It will be stiff with little to no flex.

My main concern is the stance. The times I risk falling off my current WowGo is when I’m accelerating. At the moment, my stance in with both feet on the ‘inside’ of the trucks. With a cruiser, my stance would be more with each fot ‘on’ the truck and I’m afraid that the shift in weight my make acceleration even more tricky.

My second concern would be how stable a cruiser is compared to a longboard. I rarely go above 30km/H (18mph). Will a cruiser be that much harder to ride? For the record, I like my (street) decks stiff.

Are my concerns valid? What say you experienced folk?

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Welcome aboard!

Honestly, with that much skateboard riding experience i think you should be able to adapt your riding style rapidly enough to suit the shorter wheelbase deck and the inherent characteristics that come with that…

Yeah, it will be twitchy, and yes, if you happen to accelerate too hard with your weight favouring your back foot too much you will probably lift the front wheels and do a little shit in your pants.

But that said… its all part of the fun.

Maybe you will consider wedges under front and rear trucks to alter the kindpin angles in order to dampen the twitchiness.

Or just get some really hard double barrel bushings in the reat trucks deck side.

What deck have you got in mind? Photos please :slight_smile: .

I’m planning a 80s reissue build soon too!


P.s. You will probably get on well with @b264

Not sure I’m old enough to shit my pants just yet, lol

Oh, so you can get wedged riser pads these days. Learn something new each day, obviously!

The deck I had in mind is not as much a reissue as much as it is a “retake” on the old 80’s boards. It’s a “Semester” deck - I think it was a local swedish company that made a few decks for the fun of it. I happened to get it while Caballero was in town (the Powell Cab dragon reissue might also be a build contender).

Here’s a pic of the Semester deck. I edited out the graphics cause they’re…well…a bit graphic :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the input, much obliged. I shall contemplate further. It’s not a cheap hobby, is it? :wink:

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to say truth, as for me visual appealing of deck is most important thing.

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@b264 is the pool deck onewheel wonder president.


Sweet deck, if you dont need the nose kick, just mount front trucks further up. Be mindful of the additional flexibility


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Your wowgo is a perfect candidate. A cruiser board with a kick-tail works great if you mount the rear truck to the angled kick-tail with a wedge riser. This increases the wheelbase while giving your foot something angled to brace against while accelerating.