Direct drive and double trucks (Flipsky / eLofty)

Hello, I am updating my table with the new direct Flipsky engines (similar to eLofty). I use a Loaded Vanguard Flex 2 board and note that when using the double trucks that come with this style of engines, the flexibility of the board feels much more. I do not like this new flexibility. It occurred to me to place the trucks in an inverted way and I had a doubt:

I find it more comfortable to use trucks in an inverted way. Which I understand is the reverse of how they are usually used.

Can there be a problem? (for example, in the future the trucks break). Anyone else use them like that backwards?


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How is it like when you ride, carve, and turn?

There I registered in the new one too. But being a new user, I can’t post for now.

I still didn’t go riding since I’m still in the process. But before riding I would like to know if there would be a problem and avoid accidents.

In the forum I found a thread where two members show that they use double kingpin trucks with only one. As seen in the photos. I also consider it as an option for me.


Let me know your name there and we’ll fix that.

I do this. Works well for me.

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It depends if they are intended to be installed with the kingpin facing in or out.

When I was younger I took a board apart and accidentally put the trucks on backwards. Made for a board impossible to ride because you would lean one way and the board would go the other.

@BillGordon Does your kingpin and bushings have to be super tight and firm in order to avoid DD motor bite? Or do you simply run much thicker risers in order to create the space between the drives and the bottom of the deck? No way to do DROP through AND single stage with DD huh? haha.

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I think the combination of a flexible deck like a vanguard deck and a double kingpin track is less stable… However, it is a bad idea to install the truck in the opposite direction.

You can improve this with a single kingpin, but watch out for the motor bite.

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I run trucks on loose side and add height. Soft thin riser board side plus 3/4 inch hard riser necessary for me. But since the trucks are so wide, I still feel like I’m between the wheels rather than on top of them, if that makes sense.

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Yes, should have mentioned my agreement on this.

My name there is Waiboard too. Thank you!

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Perfect! I am using the single kingpin option. I am already finishing updating my construction so shortly I can go out and try it.


Please tell us about your riding experience with the Vanguard deck! :wink:

Any impression will help everyone.

Level matched on the other side. Carry on!

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