DIY 45kmph, 35km+ range | 6374 190kv | 12Ah 10S4P | Sensored FOC

Been cruising these forums for ages now, been cruising my board builds for ages now, and I decided it was time to combine the two into this post featuring my latest and greatest build.

It all started about 2 years ago with a 42mm 500kv motor. I was dumb, I was new, and thought I’d reach 50kmph. I was wrong, so wrong, and 2 years of trial and error, success, and failure followed. This is what it’s come down to.

Specs: Single 190kv 6374 Sensored Torqueboards motor Enertion FOCBOX in sensored FOC mode (of course) 12Ah 10S4P pack of Samsung 30Q cells 90mm Flywheels (15 36 gearing) AlienPowerSystem Remote 4A charger for that good good charge time

Total price: Roughly 1500 euros

Here’s some pictures:

Deck = Never Summer Soldier

Deck wrapped in Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap to remove the old design

Sugru for waterproofing of the switches (and battery screen)

Some future updates: In the next few days I’ll be swapping to a motor mount from @marcmt88 which has dual idlers for ultimate torque transfer. This upgrade is 95% because I want to come to a stop quicker for safety Long term upgrade might come in the form of going to a 218mm Torqueboards truck and having two of these beastly 6374’s in FOC blasting me into the cosmos

Want to see more? I post a ton of pictures, updates, videos etc. on my instagram: Sending me a message on there is also the quickest and easiest way of reaching me about board questions!

I am also very open to creating custom boards for anyone interested


Hey, I am about to build a very similar board and really like your enclosure. Can you share some details on how exactly you managed to make it so perfect?

Second question: How did you mount your battery to your deck? Apparently we’re not supposed to just let them hang inside the enclosure…


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Hey! I bought the enclosure from Highly recommended! Mine’s the 530mm enclosure. The same website also sells metal inserts. You drill holes into your deck (not all the way through), and then screw the metal insert in. Inside the insert there’s threads for bolts. This means you can screw, and unscrew the bolts holding the enclosure on as much as you want! Won’t wear out. Bonus: Nothing coming through the deck, so the top will stay completely clean.

As for holding the electronics down inside the enclosure, I used a ton of silicone under and on the sides of the battery pack. This is holding up very well. I’d recommend letting the silicone cure for at least 48h before you close the enclosure

Pictures of the metal inserts:

Pictures of the silicone:


Very nice and clean build, I like it!

How are you finding the deck? Also does it flex a bit or is it completely stiff (I might use this deck for a project in the future)?

Deck’s completely stiff and even advertised for it I think I had a deck with a little more flex before this, and strangely enough I feel like this is a smoother ride. I do feel the ground more, but this only gives a more stable feeling and as if I’m more attached to the ground. It almost seems to smooth out the cracks and bumps more than the last!

I really do like this deck though and I think the shape is awesome!

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hey! where did you get your charger from? hows the board holding up?

Its magic. 10char

They’re from

Range?? (Building something similar)

Range is in the title. Around 35 km

Do you get 45km/h in Foc? I have almost the same setup and my max speed is 43km/h. I even use 16/36 with 97mm wheels.

Fat ass.


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Haha yeah…im 76kg :pig2:

:joy: Oh dear.

I’m 85kg 180cm. Who’s the fat ass now.

Karma man karma :joy:

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yall babies. im 245lbs or 111kg. #dadbod :rofl:

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damn boy im 83kg and 174cm

I think even tho my motors are rated 190kv they are most likely more toward 170kv. Guess i just need to gear a tad bit higher :slight_smile:

Fully charged sometimes 45 yes. That’d be on flat with minimal wind resistance, and probably in a tuck, and fully charged. So in ideal conditions really but yes!