DIY EBoard EOI: Carbon Deck, 97mm Flywheels! [AUS]


Considering selling my DIY Board as I’m not riding it much now that I have moved to a less suburban area. Trying to gauge interest and how much I could get.

Could sell as all seperate items or as a complete build, depending on interest and if I think I could sell it all. It is pretty much a DIY of the Raptor 1 before the Raptor 1 was released but with 97mm ABEC flywheels!

  • Original Enertion Carbon Fibre Deck
  • Single Enertion Motor 190kv
  • VESC 4.12 (Enertion)
  • Original Enertion Spacecell battery system.
  • Enertion Trucks
  • Enertion Single Motor Mount
  • Nano X controller
  • ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels 78A!

Probably only done 10 small rides on it. Australia delivery only, as postage will be too hectic otherwise.

PM me if keen. If someone is just interested in letting me know a fair price that will be awesome too.

Cheers, Pat.


I’d be interested in the flywheel.

much for the deck and wheels?

just realized i asked the same question as stormboard1. Let me know if he doesn’t wind up buying.

Interested in the vesc and remote.

Interested in the Space Cell

You could’ve gotten it for like $30 a few days ago

@barajabali can make you one


@Mikenopolis I’m in Australia, like the seller. To get a battery made in the US and shipped can be eye wateringly expensive. Local is always easier!

well then you may be in luck as Jason is hinting at a battery replacement for Raptor 1s soon

@Mikenopolis With all the orders for the Raptor 2 and the production of other accessories like the crossover wheels. He is busy enough. I’m not holding my breath.

he said soon, so maybe within 3 months?

@Pato any updates?

still have the nano x for sale??

Would you part with the deck trucks and wheels minus all the electronics for a decent price

interested dir oll in One but Shipping too Germany

Seller hasn’t been on since January @locke