DIY Electricskateboard - VESC Quality?

Does anyone here has bought Torqboards DIY VESC ? What’s the quality ? It seems like it is BATCH #4 now so I assume everything is alright ?


I’ve ordered one from batch three. Haven’t heard any bad things about them yet, I guess they’re good.

Also, I really like how they update their site with current batch-infos and updates. You know exactly what batch you are and when your order should be ready to ship.

Everyone seems to blow them up or they fail some way or another well thats what iv been reading… Try get the Sine wave board from Benchwheel that board is really nice also its ment to make motors more quiet

It is still a beta product. Once V6 comes out it should be much more stable. What is the benchwheel ESC? Is it designed by benchwheel?

Everything is alright with our latest batch of VESC :slight_smile: All kinks have been ironed out.

I’ve been using it on a dual hub motor setup in both BLDC and FOC mode.

The previous batches did not have the C18. I have been using the one w/o C18 with no issues.

Batch #4 will have the C18 upgrade/change.

Hardware v4.12 Firmware/Software v2.18

All VESCs are tested with BLDC, FOC and Motor Detection before we package them. Technically, if we are to find any issues we’ll usually find them then and there and we’ll put the aside for repair.

At our current price point there are no warranties, unfortunately. You should be perfectly fine if you just connect as normal to change your settings or do motor detection. We will have another price point for those who want warranty.

We do have some videos on youtube to help with installation -

@LondonLongboarder - Some people end up blowing their DRV’s but their are a good amount of people who have been using VESCs with no issues.

Sorry im not bashing VESC iv never used one.

But here is the sine wave esc thing

Link to that ESC please? I want to check it out.

Email them for more information [email protected]

So does anyone here has the recent batch #4 ?? How is it ? I am thinking of ordering 2 vesc’s. I just want to makes sure the quality is all there :slight_smile:

Just got mine from diyelec this friday. No problems so far, or not atleast any that i would blame the vesc or quality for. I only have 4S for now and a 380kv motor so it’s, to put it mildly, quite stressed. It’s only rated at 50 A, i set it to 80 A max current and it’s still running just dandy. And the overheating protection is also working fine :wink:

Sine wave is actually the same thing as FOC, wich is also supportet by the Vesc.

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I buy the VESC July 7 and after paying I never received anything… !!!

After 1 month I still waiting

I suggest you go to their website and chat with Dexter or whoever is managing the chat at the moment. If you ordered in July you should have the Vesc by now. Have the order number ready before contacting them. DIY have pretty good customer service.

I try but no answer so I send a mail. We will see… Thanks for your advice

I’ve ordered quite a bit from DIYes in the past. No issues whatsoever. I have a similar order to you @Nils (a couple newer VESCs) - around the same time frame and I’m in Group 4.

Definitely check his site occasionally - i’ve found him online and chatted as late as 1am PST. Super helpful and easy to get a hold of.

Nothing sketchy so i’d follow up with him directly vs in this thread on VESC quality. He’ll want your order # and some detail. I’d expect they are in process and we are in queue for them being programmed then shipped.


I come back just to make an update.

I received my 2 VESC 2weeks ago, perfect package by the way ! Safe for traveling

You were right Lizardking0069, they’ve good customer service !