Diy focused companies need to colabarate

We think if new and established DIY based companies worked together more this would combat the rising prices for newly designed products and bring quality,innovation and affordability back to the DIY industry. Making it more available for everyone?A call to truly innovate?

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What did you have in mind? You can PM me as well.

I’m somewhat looking into this.

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My idea is basic collaboration when it comes to bring new products to the market. Obviously alone and small it’s hard to bring something to the table at an affordable price. Quality has slipped in the lower tear area. Like conversion kits for beginners. I just don’t feel comfortable putting some products in people’s hands. Especially when I won’t trust it.More collaboration between the established and up coming companies with new innovative products can prove mutually beneficial. While most wont agree and fear competition. I look to it for inspiration and motivation. I think the bigger more established companies have an opportunity to sit down with smaller ones to source new products from with in the community. Help new companies get started by making deals to sale these new products instead of competing. I think a win for all if done right. Most of all the end user benefits the most with quality innovative affordable products and it’s made more available for all.

… you could also collaborate at esk8con XD

Is there a link you can share? I’m interested in any outlet that will promote that

It’s a work in progress

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I’ll be on it soon.

This is a super smart idea. As a person you does custom boards as a side job I think this is a great idea. Maybe there can be group buys out of this to get a quantity to get super low prices for quality pieces.

That’s what I’m talking about. Not only that. But networking available products. Being a community why can’t we act like one in business. Being able to satisfy a customer even when your out of stock in something. If a company has it in the network it gets dispatch sold for that company but satisfying the customer and in reverse.

Yea that sucks, especially if its something like a cable… Really good idea, bringing builders together!

Well, I wouldn’t consider that as a qualifier. I was thinking more along the lines of bigger products

I think if done right. It could benefit the community and builders.

I understand what you mean :smiley: just like a example, In my case a customer came last month to me and needed like 50 HM10 modules and I had 40 but like 20 cables, i can not find anywhere locally or in eu the appropriate cables so I had to wait them to arrive from china

Yes. That can create big problems. For bms and batteries,motors vesc General stock items that if bought in a manor not so much group but builders buy. And that way it’s a pool. Driving prices down for all.

@hyperIon1 there is a group buy for 90mm wheels that @PredatorBoards is doing so if you wanted to get in on some quality wheels for a low price you can get in for some sets and help get the group buy going.

I will look in to it.

Finding standard form factors should have already been done…just like the skateboard industry, there needs to be a set standard for parts to fit together, and lines where those parts intersect. It needs to be defined.

What is the standard truck hanger shape for universal mounts to attach? 3/4" inch square seems to be about right. then all the mounts in the world could compete, along with trucks, and they can all fit together, or sit in the same cases at the skate shop just like regular trucks do. We should have like 10 truck options, instead of the limited we do have, and even then each takes a different mount or power system. There is no drive to form a consensus that all companies can benefit from.

Wheels and pulleys and anything that’s different from a normal skateboard needs to settle on a standard form. there’s pretty much two wheel cores used and then pneumatics of all shapes and sizes. We need wheel options to mirror the number and quantity of the typical longboard shop. Just like the deck companies are listening in and beginning to be interested in what makes a good eskate deck, we need every such company in the skateboard industry with the tools to make this shit for us wanna compete, and they will not compete in this market till their is a standard, they realize this right now is a competition for that standard, and it will evolve and flow and settle and there will be losers. that’s how it goes.

With that standard comes easy to assemble electric skateboards, that anyone could build. Instead of this just being a community of builders it will evolve or melt into the skateboard industry, just like all the other novel things that came out before and thus became the standard by which all skateboards are derived.

Things like urethane wheels were once unheard of, kicktails opened doors, riding vertical walls changed it all and downhill guys have fine tuned the gear to a science. This new industry direction, fueled by lipo and brushless power, can benefit from it all, and it’s long established standards and form factors. Eskating can meld it’s own into it all as well, thus launching not a new industry, but a small part of an old industry…

This will help bring in the “skaters” and the punks who all talk shit about electrics, when they get interested it will be a huge surge in hype and growth…when their favorite companies are all looking this way because there’s a whole new case to put parts in and sell stuff at the shops, they will all realize or at least see that powered is the future and how small, lightweight and powerful they are becoming and will further improve.

The kids will try them, and want to make one, like they do now, but imagine being able to pick out the parts from a drop down menu and build a sick “diy eskate” , at that point they will just be eskates, just normal. Like when you take your kid to the skate shop to get a setup, you do not buy a complete board, you pick out the deck, trucks, wheels and so on and they assemble it right there in ten minutes in front of you…that’s the way the skateboard industry has always done it, and they do not call it DIY or building or whatever, it’s just skateboarding…its all just skateboarding…so it requires fitting into the existing form factors and establishing ones which lend-too and do not take from the strong industry of skateboarding itself…

For this reason I have sought friends in skateboard companies above electronics or electric skateboard specific companies. The guys making shit in the garage are awesome, and they have the experience to help create and standardize such a form factor, but they really should be partnering up with the skateboard guys who have big factories and such. That will launch a whole new ball game.

I’ve been think of that. Old school skate companies really need to get involved

In my research I have made it a point to talk to skaters. The big issue for them at their age is money and few tricks. The transportation factor appeals to them. It the cost. I’ve been looking into truck extentions that will accommodate motor mounts with out alternating the truck. Also a line of rims that will fit any axle.

Are you suggesting an electric skateboard design standard; something like an ISO standard (though not quite as elaborate)?

If so, I would imagine it sets a guideline for minimum technical standards, codifying commonsense design so that your average noob knows that they would be buying something that met a minimum quality. For example an independent method to test the range of the product, and maximum slope it can go up.

It might also outline minimum AWG for different types of wiring, electrical connector ratings etc…

If you wanted to get super technical, you might specify minimum torque specs for testing motor mount designs.

Fortunately this is stuff that a DIYer on this forum generally doesn’t have to worry about because they tend to have done their research, and can source/build quality components,

That being said, this sort of design specification could assist buyers and manufacturers alike so that consumers aren’t led astray, and quality products are recognisable.

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