Diyelectricskateboard- flagging my post

His guys are flagging my post so it will be hidden here, pls help me spread the word, he is holdong my money, not giving me a refund although he approved it, he kept stalling me until he had stock today morning and then sent me a shipping e mail after a week conversations between him and me regarding my cancellation.

Dont let him and this forum silent me

beware of this guy… i ordered the VESC a week ago and noticed only in the confirmation email that ti’s a ‘back-order’ and that he is out of stock, immediately sent him an email asking to cancel my payment and order, and i ordered it from a different vendor. i contacted him (diyelectricskateboard) every day since then and they told me that the case is being taking care of and i don’t need to contact them anymore. after a week of contacting and asking for cancellation he shipped the product to…

@treenutter @barajabali @laurnts Not cool if tb actually flagged this guy’s post. He has a legitimate complaint which should be heard. Why is it that every time we have a complaint posted it just gets flagged, hidden, deleted and/or locked? I’ve seen it happen with 4 different threads from different people all regarding diy…


I’m personally not a fan of his service it seems he is only kind to the biggest players on here everyone else he skimps outnon


His post are getting flagged because it looks like op signed up on this fourm just to complain about Dexter.


I sware that i signed up here to learn and i did, i build my first e skate in the last couples of months and actually bought from dexter my fisrt vesc who got dvr error after 2 weeks… this case happened this week when i tried to find a second Vesc. this post and detail are 100%.

I have no intention in posting false details

I’d also flag it - has nothing to do with the category this is listed in and seems like just a rant. Send it back once it arrives - what’s the big deal?

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The big deal is im contacting him and paypal since this morning and he ignores my mails and didnt offer to send it back, also now i have to wait 2 months till it get here and back to him and than hope he will cancel the payment.

Well he asked to cancel way before it shipped, yet Dexter still shipped. Dexter won’t cover return shipping either.

Shipping it back should only cost $3 though but still Dexter needs to get someone to handle the customer service part for him.

So you’ll get a paypal refund - what’s the problem then? Seems a little premature to post this the same day.

Dexter has dropped his customer service quality when you get the product and ask to return it he talks for day later but says he doesn’t see emails, or will follow up later and never does, I lost money from a faulty bms and his 6s esc fried on me then when I asked for an exchange he talked for days beating around the bush

His first posts are about the vesc and getting it to work after that he begins talking about dexter which he is not it the wrong to do the only issue is he should probably move it to another subcategory

so this is one of those vendor bashing topics then? Personally I have had no experience with him so can’t comment on that. However this type of post has nothing to do in the e-board electronics section.


Yea @Idobartal to be honest this in appropriate to just create an account here and post complain as this forum is meant to help people build their board and not discovering / unveiling bad vendor. However it’s ok to keep it for now but it would be better next time if you show your build thread, comment on your build thread and complain there instead of making new one like this.

The thing is we can’t help you anyway, what am I or the community suppose to do? every vendor have “their” downside sometimes and time to time. The risk when buying from vendor is always there and people have to accept that. If you read alot, you probably knew that diyelectricskateboard have problems posted here time to time, so better avoid that.

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Not vendor bashing he is basically putting him on blast to get his issue resolved or at least show other potential customers what kind of buisness man he is

That is not a big deal, you need to @torqueboards some time. Patience my friend, patience.

He sais to me its been taking care of and to paypal its is shipped tomorrow??? Why ? I want it cancelled… look at the details and thell me its not dishonesty…

Guys im very sorry about the category issue, im not expert in this forum.

And its not a bashing post! This post is exactly about helping people to build an electric skateboard! This kind of info about one seller or another is extremely useful! Thx

First, i flagged it too.

We had 5 of these 4 months ago about enertion, and we all deleted them because we agreed useing this forum for leverage was not the intended way.

But if you want, we can go back to the roots hand have these posts again.

Bohoho this did not happen, My vesc was too late, such a shitty vendor. Boohooo, Vendor X has delayyed shipment.

If we tolerate it anytoime, we will get 30 “My raptor 2 is still not here” posts when they should ship.


By the way, we are not “his guys”, butpeople who qite like this forum an dont like spammers/ harassers here.

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I would ignore 15 emails too, That’s called harassment, you don’t get decent customer service when you try to intimidate someone into helping you.

Im trying for a week, chated with him on his site around 7 times, everytime the same thing - “what about my refund, i dont need the vesc no more”. The answer was the same - Its gone up to management, you dont need to contact us no more… 6-7 times! He replies! And then today morning, this…