Do you guys need a Taobao agent ? (Buying parts in China)

#Hi guys

If you read my presentation, you know that I work and live in China as an engineer. And after 1 year here, I met some people who want to start an online buisness.

One of my close friends is opening an online store on AliExpress, selling all sorts of “electronic stuff for grown up children” (I could say “toys for adults” but people look at me weird when I say that).

  • Drones
  • RC cars
  • Motors
  • E-Skateboard parts

But before the buisness starts, she would like to make some cash by beeing a Taobao agent : –> Helping foreigners to buy on Taobao (biggest Chinese online marketplace) and to ship outside china. In exchange for a percentage of the order price of course.

#If you’re interested, Reply or PM me !

    1. Find what you wanna buy — Go on Taobao (, find what you want OR — Tell her what you wanna buy, and she can search for you
    1. Ask questions about the product, get a translated description
    1. get a Quote for the total order (Product price + Shipping to her + Shipping to your country + her commission)
    1. get the product

About after sales : she is a pretty dedicated person so she’ll help you resolve conflicts with Taobao sellers, but if they’re too stubborn, there is nothing she can do about it, except leaving a bad comment on Taobao, and you leaving a bad review on this forum… Sorry.

PS: I know her for a long time, she is serious and honest. She’s been helping me with some tough sellers, and got me several discounts on DJI Drones, so I fully recommend her.


PS: Never say this out loud, sounds very wrong :smiley:


I think motor mounts for esk8 would be great… Ive seen some really affodable ones out there…


If you could link the products you would be selling that would make it a little easier.

I think I’ve seen a bamboo deck that looked very similar the Boosteds deck, I might be interested in one of those.

(more interested in mounts ~10usd)

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here you go~~~ i am using it now~~


Spot on! I think your build was where I saw it first. Thanks for the link!

Interested here too. I think it would be useful for those that don’t know how this relationship would work to post a little step by step guide?

Woah, lotsa teplies here !

@Norco I’ll update the description, but basically like Okami, you can research what you want on TaoBao, or she can help you search, then she’ll tell you the price to ship the item to your country, and take a percentage of the total. @Okami Nice that you made your research, i’ll talk to her today. I hope you’re not in a hurry, she still has a day job so she can only work for you guys at night (China time). @laurnts Yeah, I quit saying that.

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@JullianS Actually these mounts.were already mentioned on the forum. I just brought daylight.once again as i think.not.many ppl.have.needed connections to order.from taobao

Im in a no hurry if.there were more people.interested in them.the better

I could be keen to get the boosted board clone as well :slight_smile:

How stiff is this Boosted Clone? Is there and English translation? I might be interested in this aswell

@TarzanHBK Here the video to show the flex of the clone deck. My weight around 65kg


I’m ready to buy the “Boosted” clone deck that has been linked here if I could get a quote :slight_smile:

I’m interested in Boosted deck too but I want to know how much it’s gonna cost because maybe I’ll order more :slight_smile:

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Awesome ! She is gonna post a message directly, when she figures out the costs of shipping and everything. Can you guys wait till the end of this week for an answer ?

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Yes, no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also interested in the boosted deck :slight_smile:. Is this gonna be a group buy or a single order?

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could you pm her wechat info

Eagerly waiting!

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