Does anyone else’s remote have spotty connection when riding by traffic lights/ intersections

i have that remote and it sucks. It feels nice in the hand and the receiver is tiny but it’s always having dropouts and it doesnt have the fine control that the mini trigger has. the mini trigger still wins for me for many reasons.

@thisguyhere has a store and selling the mini trigger for 19$!!!


I can’t say, maybe the modules I’m using is not original, I say that because I’ve ridden my previous board on the same place last year, and had no drops, the remote is the same

…since im determined to do a group ride sooner than later since Im on something im proud of…i also need it to be reliable SO i ordered the GT and mastercho case to mod it so hopefully can put it to the test in the next couple weeks =/

That tells me they have set up more surveillance cameras around the city

I think they have installed a lot of those STINGRAY devices all over the city

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Boom there you go.

Those are like mini cell towers…that will definitely effect the Maytech remote


this remote sucks! ill say it again. ive got the receiver taped to the side of my deck so there’s no chance of carbon in the way and its just as crappy. was going up mt tam and would think i’d be free to not worry about interference so far away and i was wrong. i cant stand relaxed on my board again when throttling or braking. freaked out. have to stand on each end just in case. anyone want mine for 20$

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Which remote, the maytech one?

yea the maytech. i got two of them. maybe the other will be better but dont even like how it works when it is working. still on the hunt for the best remote. i had a 3d printed conversion for the gtb2 or whatever it is and lost it. Im going to search for another 3d printable design and do a conversion. seems the best thing

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Any chance to use FHSS to avoid signal congestion?

okay so looks like the general consensus is the gt2b

controlling your board in manhattan intersections isnt really that important but i might as well upgrade anyways

I had the Maytech remote on my Raptor 1 but it made my girl kind of afraid to ride. On the first day using the remote it lost signal and she couldn’t stop and hit the side of an SUV. She was all padded up and she was okay but it was a bit traumatizing for her. Ever since it’s been hard to get her on a board.

yeah a remote with spotty connection is a terrifying thing - its not just about being able to foot brake effectively

if you don’t immediately notice that its not responding once it regains connection it will suddenly shoot out from under you if you are accelerating or suddenly break really hard if you’re braking. worst case scenario would be the launching of a 20+ pound board at the ankles of an unsuspecting pedestrian. i sometimes think it’d be safer if it just didnt reconnect at all

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Same ish again today… For me 6th and 28th going east… Solid 3 sec delay then comes back… Weird…

Same thing for me with the Maytech remote. I used Velcro to secure it to side of enclosure in an attempt to stop the dropouts. Remote works pretty well in the countryside where I live, but in town it’s super sketchy.

Yep. I push or coast certain parts of my daily route

i keep riding with it and yesterday i had a car turn in front of me and i had to run off the board and bounced off the side of it because i’d lost signal and couldnt stop. i owned the g2b2 for like 5 miles before slamming it into the ground about 3 years ago and liked it, but anyone can say how it compares to the mini trigger?

i also have been having one of two focbox do nothing after being pushed hard and then work later when it cools down

im standing on the ends of my board all the time these days and so nerve racking.

I go through that intersection going north on 6th every day, usually in the bike lane on the left getting ready to turn left on 29th. no issues ever. Mini 2.4ghz.

From what I remember with master cho mod, gt2b has a bit more throw. The remote doesn’t lay in the hand to give you easy access to all of the throw range. But maybe I’m just super used to the mini now.

@thisguyhere can you hook @Hummie up with a remote?

sure, hit me up.

I’ve tried all the thumb remotes: nano, nanox, maytech. don’t like thumb controls at all.

gt2b with mod is great, great control from long trigger throw, but hard to come by.

the mini for me is the most solid, instant bind, never cuts out, good to excellent control with long trigger throw.

If your receiver has an antenna, try to move it away from the esc’s and motors and not under your foot, I like mine in the middle of the board. I found this gave me better reception. You can wrap the receiver case in aluminum foil tape, this might help block some of the RF noise. Provided it has an external antenna or your just blocking the reception.

The GT2B really is the most reliable connection in the esk8 world at the moment even though in the RC world it would considered a bear minimum of radio connection quality.