Does anyone have swift (iOS app) code example on how to connect to VESC via bluetooth?

Hello everyone, I try to build my own free iOS (iPhone) app, to connect to this board with this chip:

I want app to allow me to read some data from VESC and also to change power settings.

I saw some people here made similar projects:

I have problem with connecting to ESC via bluetooth. If I would find some code (the best would be in Swift language) showing how to connect to ESC, receive data and change settings I would be able to do rest of the app on my own. I wasn’t able to find any documentation or code example, I will appreciate any help with this.

I don’t really know a lot about this but don’t you need a bluetooth module for the VESC?

Oh theirs already an app on android it would be cheaper to just pick up an old android phone. Unless you have time on your hands. Do you have the right HM- modules and is it connected to the right port?

Yes, I found help on this forum:

I will try next week to write working connection manager in my app, basing on answers provided there. I do it mostly to learn something new.

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