Does dual motor setup increase wattage out put?

What’s up guys, I’ve been searching and can’t seem to find a solid answer, so maybe you can help.

When looking at my motors max wattage, say 3000 watts is what one motor can produce. By adding my second motor (as in dual setup), does this increase my max out put to 6000 watts or is it still just 3000 because the voltage isn’t increased?

Basically when telling someone about the potential power my board has, I would like to be able to say, “it’s capable of xxxx number of watts.”

@Hummie, @MoeStooge, @Sender, @pixelsilva, @hyperIon1, @Andy87, @mmaner maybe you guys can easily answer this?

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Nearly 100% sure watts double

You would have 6000 with 2 motors

Also try not to start new threads use search bar (I have also started way to many . Not worth it)

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Thanks for answering bro, I’m under the same impression but wanted the solid answer.

I did use the search bar, here and all over google. Lol that’s why I’m asking.

You’re going to tell someone to use the search function? HOLY HYPOCRISY


Read the brackets

I promise you from experience not using it is not worth it

It means hes learning, this is good, encourage him


The volts stay the same but the amps stay constant per motor and add up. 2 motors mean same volts and double amps, therefore double power

@ZachTetra Thanks bro, that’s a great answer! And since when am I not allowed to post a new thread? I’ve been on this site for a long time now. @Halbj613

Look at my first couple of threads and you will understand


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I’ve been around here a while my friend, if you’re eluding to some of these guys arrogance, I get it. But I’m thick skinned, I can handle some keyboard heroism. That being said my dude, never stop someone from seeking knowledge, as the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. :v:t2:


It’s not that you can’t post, it’s that simple questions like this raise the thread count and make it hard to find good relevant or interesting information. There is a noobs question thread under the general discussion category for questions like this

I support learning as much as the next guy but it sucks when you check the forum and it nothing but 5 post threads about simple shit

I’m glad you want to learn! Keep asking questions (just not in new threads)


Noob question?? We aren’t all mechanical engineers. I did search this question in a variety of different ways both here and on google and couldn’t find a clear answer. In fact I’m not a noob, I’ve been building boards for 3 years now. I see this as a completely valid question, something I’ve always wondered and as I have no official education, I do my best to learn what I can.


I am a mechanical engineer who has his own board made from scraps and scratch…I still ask in the noob questions thread every day, asking questions under that title doesn’t make you lesser


Didn’t say it did, but without being a mod of this site, or anyone mom, you shouldn’t be telling anyone how, when, or where to seek knowledge. Do you boo boo and let everyone else do the same.

You guys are being a bit over the top… I personally think this is a good question and deserves a thread on its own.

But my response to this question is that the power output of your board is equal to the settings you input to your esc, if the power is not limited to the battery.


My 2 cents: We can all easily get lost in the amount of information on this forum let alone the internet. I don’t believe in knob questions and we all have our opinions on certain things. One thing to keep in mind, ‘a rating’ is not what the motor will or should deliver at any prolonged amount of time. Usually, the rating reveals the point of failure for some things. Now a MAX in or out is just that the maximum that can go in or out at any prolonged period of time and there is usually a limit on that as well 1 min, 2 or more.

Other factors are your controllers? what do they handle? and of course your battery? Everything works together if your battery can’t push the power to max out two 3000w motors, or your ESCs are only rated 30a and bottleneck the system.

Limits, maximums, and minimums are just that. There are no rules saying you have to fallow them and honestly we push the limits of this stuff as is.

Always ask first, read up and watch videos, do your homework and push the limits…


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What has happened here is that @Halbj613 has managed to fuck another thread up. Your question is fine, lets all drop the debate now.