Does it matter which way you mount your trucks?

I feel like a total noob typing this out but my searches didn’t yield much info. With longboards it seems customary to mount the trucks with the bushings outward as opposed to inward on usual skate trick decks. Does it really matter which way though?

In my current build, I want to reverse mount my motors, but the Boardnamic Mounts are kind of short, and I could get the angle higher if the bushings weren’t in the way and I could mount them inward.

What’s the scoop on this?


Hey my friend. It all depends on what trucks you have. If you have longboarding trucks then they will be most likely reverse king pin or RKP and will have the bushings outer. If you have traditional trucks or TKP then the bushings will be on the inside. Facing each other. Never reverse either.


Cool, so how do you know which they are?

In theory if you reverse, tighten, and lower the angle of the back truck you get a sliding motion but a massive turning radius, its a bad idea and you shouldn’t do it, but you can

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Traditional king-pin (TKP) trucks point above the outside of the axle, reverse king-pin (RKP) has the kingpin go under the axle

So it’s obviously safe to say Caliber II are RKP trucks then


RKP have an angled kingpin and TKP are more vertical. image RKP image

TKP Caliber II are rkp.

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So, maybe an angled riser would be a better way to get the additional ground clearance with my motors


Careful with angled risers, the angle the king-pin makes with the deck/ground changes the turning/stability…

  • shallow angles -> wide turning radius/more stability
  • steep angles -> tight turning radius/less stability
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What deck are you using?

The pivot/cup always goes toward the end of the board, away from the rider, regardless of where the bushings are. The bushings will be on different sides depending on if it’s TKP, RKP, DKP, or NKP


Landyachtz Switchblade 36

Cool and what do you want to achieve with it? Fast lunacy or carvy sensibility?

Build thread is this one for reference.

I’d like to be around 30mph top speed, stability would be ideal.


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That deck is really designed for RKP trucks but its on the short side for a longboard so if you want it to be carvy then you could go TKP. Keep the thing under 30mph though. RKP are designed for stability at speed so if you want to go fast then RKP all the way and do some reading on angles and bushings.


If you want that deck but longer than buy a Minority Downhill on Amazon…RKP Paris clones but the wheels suck…very nice at speeds even with cheap 90mm ABEC clones

I have calibers I’m using, being Rkp, they should be good for stability yeah?

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Already have the matching big Ben enclosure for this deck, and I like the short small and light

Just here for the laffs