🐲 Drakaina >> LaCroix (Sender'ized), Moon Gear Drive, 6er's, SR TKP's, 10s6p, dual FocBox, Unik Risers...and the blood of Skatan!


Individually the components used in the build are for the most part common. With @Sender’s skin work and @moon’s gear drive combined with SUrf Rodz TKP’s, Psychotiller 6 Shooters, massive 10s6p battery pack all on a LaCroix deck it’s a new level of awesome.

A little history, in a short time…

  1. I like Dragons, always have. If I was a Dragon I would definitely burn cities and have a massive gold horde, so yeah.
  2. The beginning of this design process was to build something to take to Colorado that would be fast, long range, comfortable and epic. I think that has happened, in epic fashion.

This build is the culmination of 6 months of planning, the help of many people including @Sender and @moon and lots of testing.

@Sender did all of the finish work on a LaCroix second (there was a couple little defects in the CF, nothing structural). In fact, on his new build he wanted a 12s6p so I just traded him cells for a complete battery, I came out well on that trade :slight_smile:. @Sender had so much to do with this build, its as much his as it is mine. You rock brother and I appreciate you.

I have been working with @moon for months on this gear drive system, it’s everything I wanted in a gear driven drivetrain, he did an excellent job. The covers are my own design, which is still preliminary and will be available to everyone for free as soon as I finalize the model. I have a couple of things I want to change, like the depth can be slightly less that its current form, I want to add internal filets to control the grease flow on turn and I am adding a bumper option to the motor side of the cover for rear mount motors.

Most people are using adjustable mounts to make Surf Rodz trucks fit MTB decks, I had the Unik Risers from another build that I wasn’t happy with so I used them instead of spending more money. I am so happy with them, solid as hell.

I am currently using an old Benchwheel remote I had, waiting on a used Hoyt Puck from another person on the esk8 scene, should have it this weekend.

I will update the build sheet and data calculations as the config and or hardware changes, but I don’t see anything significant coming up.




The ride experience is incredible. It’s so comfortable and I’m really locked in. Its fast and extremely curvy (cones street side front and back). Glass Frit is so much better than grip tape, I don’t even know how to describe it, you just need to experience it. I rode for about 10 miles last night and barely touched the battery, I figured the efficiency at 80% since I’m running pneumatics but I think it’s going to be closer to 90%.

if you wanna know more about where the name came from, look here…


Beautiful builder collaboration


Calling me a builder is too kind


What a beast ! Wonderful masterpiece :star_struck::sparkles::ok_hand:


Very cool/flaming hot build. I was wondering what that scaly deck was going to become.

Smaug would be proud…or jealous…or aroused. :dragon: 0716_smaug_416x416


So psyched on this build! Can’t wait to ride it!

Awesome work @mmaner!


It looks like you could mount the motors way higher for more clearance, why not? Also, although I hate to be that guy, I think your tire treads are pointed backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall super unique looking build! You gotta share some videos of you riding this beast! :smiley:


It won’t be long, prolly next week if it’s dry.

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No reason too, there’s as much clearance as there is ever gonna be tlThe majority of the motor plate is round, so it would just be a pivot. Plus it looks cool. :smiley:

Hey @Sender found him, you owe me 5 bucks :smiley:.

@rusins We had a discussion about the treads on 6 ers and how someone always sees if they are pointed incorrectly, so it’s just a thing I do now :yum:. Plus I don’t ride in the rain.


You never disappoint! Fantastic build again!

@moon the gear drive is looking impressive! @Sender youre becoming a damn artist with your deck work…


I’m good with any it all three :smiley:.


@mmaner That’s one sweet Build!

Because you can appreciate a good Dragon, I feel compelled to submit this video of Strong Bad drawing Trogdor the Burninator in all his majesty.

!!!Warning!!! Ignore this if you don’t like 15 year old internet cartoons starring masked wrestlers who answer fan emails for our entertainment.



You are one master baiter @mmaner :joy:

I wanted to be that guy, but this isn’t a car so not quite sure it even matters ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Sweet build! What kind of risers are those? Ive been looking for something like that to experiment with.

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Those are some that @okp made a couple of years ago, really solid.






That looks like @Sender last Halloween!!


Also HO-lee-dragon-shit. There’s so many points of awesome I don’t even know where to begin. I believe Drakaina should be nominated for top build 2019. Damn. Builds have come a long way in 3 years!!!


Nice combo…she’s a monster beautiful… @Sender the scales look real…tear your soles off if you pull up too fast…lol @moon…very nice @psychotiller…only the best

A bee’s dick between the motors. It looks like some nice flex.