Drop mounting SurfRodz RKP on Hummie's deck

i’m going to drop mount these surfrodz rkp trucks on hummie’s deck.

deck is pretty thick due to the cutout and the trucks are a tight fit, but it fits and no clearance issues. cool.

but i don’t like the way the baseplate is just sticking out on top of the deck.

question is, would it be safe to rout out the profile of the baseplate maybe 5mm into the deck? so it sits inside the top of the deck? would it compromise the strength in that area?

also, anyone in los angeles that can do this for me? i have a dremel but suspect it’ll be mess if i do it by hand.




I like this look. Don’t hide those beautiful base plates!


I think this is a great idea and should be done for science. I mounted TKPs dropped on mine but never thought about routing it out. Perhaps it’ll be me who will try it for science?


Fill the holes and route it out at an angle for built-in split angles.


It looks so badass as is, even works as a bumper


looks just as good as those X-Things by @akhlut :smile: I’m with him, they look good up on there!


I think it will be fine since the deck is 20mm thick. So taking 5 off makes it the thickness of a regular deck.

The only thing to watch for is chipping around the edges.

When I got surf rods I got their support plates. It came with these small ones that could be used to support the bottom. Or getting something custom made.



you gonna free hand it w dremel? :smiley:

think I’ll just leave it alone, go lowrider


I don’t think it’s a good idea. Both CF layers r closer to the top. Top layer and 4th.


just add a chain link steering wheel to it and you are good :sunglasses: Hope you have a skinny enclosure lol Looks awesome with those pivot cups hanging out the deck!

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What base plates are you running? 35° 45° 50°


ten char

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That deck has quite a few plys. I’d bet that it could stand losing a couple at the truck mount points

You might need longer bolts too, lol.

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just mocking up atm, gonna get the right hardware when it comes together… :+1:

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Been putting my hummie deck with SR trucks together. Hangers hit the deck preventing full turn. How you doing on this?

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gave up on it, just top mounted.

but you’re right, hangars hit, but it was something i was going to live with or maybe cut out wells.

but bigger headache was finding motor clearance, and didn’t want to mess up structural integrity by routing motor wells either.

it’s turned into this board:

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Were you trying to mount forward? I’m thinking about taking the dremel and making wells for the hanger. Im planning on mounting out the back

inside mounting with dropped will be especially difficult, barely any clearance at all.

i rear mounted but even with psycho’s quick80 mount, it doesn’t clear the end of the deck.

but routing wells should do it. i just didn’t want to weaken the deck.