Drop mounting SurfRodz RKP on Hummie's deck

Guess what arrived today @psychotiller

The fit and finish is unbelievable…

Pictures are good but seeing and touching is something else…lol


IMG_0874 IMG_0877 IMG_0817 IMG_0869


routing the phase wires through the cutout is brilliant.

psycho does it again.


Hopefully its looking a bit more used by now mate!!!

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To be honest, those Surfrodz RKPs look nicer than they ride. I returned mine a while back. Their bushing seat and sidewalls are incredibly restrictive to the point that their turn response is dead compared to other available trucks out there (Caliber IIs, R-IIIs, Arsenals, Paris, Bears (which are considered restrictive). I suppose it’s a bit too late to turn back now, but hopefully you find more use out of them than me.

why on earth would you post that on this thread? Bloody drama queen.


What? Lol You got to be kidding me.


You are starting to annoy me my friend. Starting to think that hiatus you had was for the best. You don’t bomb some guys thread with your negative opinions on stuff he has spent a fortune on. Keep it to yourself dude. He doesn’t care what you think because he loves them and they work for him.


If it works for you, it works for you. In that, I’m happy if it does work out the way you intended. Just putting out my observations. Just avoid using eliminators or any restrictive bushings on them.

Onto the drama thing, I actually love surfrodz and have 3 sets of their TKPs… image

I’m guessing tact is not a word you are familiar with. You’re certainly not familiar with the concept. The op and anyone else who has this issue have paid good money for this stuff which they want to believe is the best gear they can get and while that is not always true it is just bad form to spout your unfounded opinions. Just because they weren’t your cup of tea does not make them bad. I know you will probably start saying that your opinions are based on bombing some hill in San Diego and the amount of travel required to slide the board while travelling at much faster speeds than esk8 so I know what I’m talking about kind of stuff but will it actually be relevant to esk8? Judging by the last effort probably not. I’m actually starting to wonder if you have a build at all.

Ps this is not the start of a debate I’m just a little tired of your negativity. Be a help not a hindrance.


Yes sir! Copy rodger over under and out :vulcan_salute:


If OP can make the trucks work for him, then good for him. You’re free to look at my other builds and state your likes and dislikes. If there’s something I can learn from criticisms of the design, then I’m all for it.

You come across in your comments as a downhiller trying to relate his experience to esk8. This works in some respects but in others not so much. The whole wheel debacle is a good example. Wheels that work for bombing hills do not necessarily work while powered and used for everyday life. The truck thing is another good example of not basing your research on downhill skating. Yes you get to go high speed but you don’t have to take into consideration the effects of extreme acceleration on the running gear. For example; A 35 to 50’ reverse king pin truck will stay stable at very high speed, the lower angle the better but will it be stable going from 0-40 in 3 - 4 seconds? I can categorically say no it won’t. It will squirrel all over the place until it gets fast. People who use these sr rkp’s notice very stable trucks all through the process. Do you have a set of rkp surf rodz trucks on a build with 6374 motors and a 12s battery? Because if you don’t then do not comment at all because your opinion will not be based on anything but your opinion. I have a 40 plus board with 218’s with proper bushings and it is hard work on full acceleration until you hit full speed. When you go for a hill you start off really nice and easy but with a 12s beast you hit that shit very fast indeed. Comment when informed or you just come across as a drama queen. Thats you did the predator stuff? You seem to be a respected member here and personally I think you got a bit fucked over there tbh so this is me being nice.


I appreciate your outlook on the the unique fundamentals of esk8 design, but I have done plenty of builds and went through the motions of finding that all out as well. You can feel free to PM me, as I’m not interested in cluttering this thread with stuff that doesn’t pertain to the Surfrodz in particular.

Hey mate…I’ve been away.

I’ll get a chance to take some shine off it this week…


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@TheCheat even your bio is confrontational… lol