Dropped Glorrrrrrryyyyyyyy

@mmaner how did you affix the enclosure without drilling into the top side of the deck? I love the LY EVO deck, but would hate to put a bunch of holes into it like my beater deck.

I did drill into the deck. I used 3/4 truss head sheet metal screws. I might replace those with threaded inserts when I get my new enclosure next week, just depends on if the holes line up or not.

Ohhhh you’re going to use threaded inserts!

What enclosure is @psychotiller sending you? I need two cells deep as well but 60 cells

Board looks great!

19.5im split sym

Oh I misread, I thought you were already using that one and he was sending you a different one

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This build looks peanut buttery smooth. Looking forward to hearing how those airless AT wheels hold up. THANKS for sharing.

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Just finished a 12 mile ride with my kid. The trucks are super carvy, as in the most carvy trucks I’ve ever ridden. If I put thane on I could slide all over the place.

@whitepony, you NEED a set of precision surfrodz.

It’s a little weird getting used to no bindings after 2 months if nothing else. The deck is really comfortable though. I tend to steer with my back door more than I should but this deck is conducive to back steering, works well and eases some of the dead foot I get after a long ride. I still can’t explain what the weird cutout geometry is for, but whatever it is it works.

The airless wheels are great. Not as comfortable as nummies but pretty close and grippy like glue. I think they wouldn’t be as good without the offset 6 shooters. I feel like they are good because of all the inside pressure pushing out, making them more grabby then normal.

I’ll post some videos tomorrow. Was having something fun I forgot to take any.


hi mmaner, could I possibly bother you for a pic of the underside of your deck? I was in midst of planning a trampa street carver build with nummies but after seeing this, it seems like much more my style. the board looks great man

There’s not much to see either enclosure mounted but I’ll get you a pic when I get back home.

How are you liking those motors, are you using them on foc, and do you know wht type of efficiency you’re getting?

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I like the motors alot, being sealed it gets a lot less debris inside so that should a lot smoother. I don’t know what the exact efficiency is but I am getting more range than expected. After a 12 mile ride yesterday I had 34% left so I’m guessing about 16 miles.

Here’s the pics of the bottom. Not sure exactly what you are wanting to see so let me know if this is nit it.


Surfrods are almost too carvy. I need to print new risers to eliminate wheelbite, and im ordering the highest durometer barrels I can find to tame these trucks!

Are you using them on foc?

I’m using hybrid mode. The benefits if startup you get with FOC but as much stress in the VESC’s.

hmm, you know what would look great on those?

some amazing quality pulleys…

oh wait :yum:

btw: i should be making your mounts tomorrow, then you can get your pulleys too!

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Cool, I do that know what I’m gonna use the mounts for yet but the pulleys are going on rock star hubs.

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They are extremely carvy. I will prolly replace the bushing after the new wears off, but damn I’m having fun right now :grinning:

Thanks for the photos especially the close up of the mounts. I was wondering exactly how the mounts were seated looked when complete. They were a possible option for me from to get from @psychotiller.

How flex is your board if at all, and if so how does the enclosure do?

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