Dropthrough deck for my build

Im looking for a drop through deck for my electrical skateboard build but i dont know which to get, or where to get it from.

I will be splitting my electronics and battery in two, like the boosted board configuration.

I want to be as close to the ground as possible and will be mounting my motor reversed. I would like some flex but nothing crazy.

I live in europe.

If you know a site, have some experience with a specific deck or something like that, please tell :slight_smile:

Redember Boards!!! Search them up on Instagram.


if you flip the motors you should have plenty of clearance as long as you run 83mm or larger wheels and 63mm motors. You’d have a bit more clearance w/ 50mm motors, which might let you go to 80mm kegels or 76mm flywheels if you are trying for super low.

I know you are in EU, so likely shipping and imports will kill the cost, but i still likd Daddie’s site for choosing new decks. Filter by some brands you like (or filter ones you don’t) and look for the drop through decks you like visually: https://www.daddiesboardshop.com/longboards/decks-only

once you know a couple you like - then look at local skate shops or online skate shops in your country to speed and minimize import costs/fees/taxes.

You want flex though? That’s going to make it harder. Also be aware that some motor mounts may not clear the deck bottom at full lean, when mounted drop-through.

I know a Rayne Demonseed doesn’t clear the DIYes or Enertion mount even reversed. But that’s also a double drop.


I had a drop-thru setup on my Bustin Maestro Pro. Nice flexible deck and it put me pretty close to the ground. Here’s a vid of my trucks top mounted, but I also rode it drop-thru. The reason I switched it to top mount was because the roads here are pretty rough and I’d hit my bottom now and then when landing. The sidewinder truck hanger sits a couple inches farther out which brought the board a good half inch lower (maybe more with the added flex) than standard trucks would on this deck. The wheels are also 83mm instead of 90’s which I prefer. With a standard setup with split enclosures it would work perfectly as a drop through.

I know, I know, I should have split my case and I could have damaged my battery, but fortunately I didn’t. The board tends to flex at the ends which helped. I ended up mounting everything back on the original board and selling it to finance my DIY build.

Overall it’s one of my favorite decks. The new Maestro Pro doesn’t have the flat areas and has the concave going all the way from end to end. All are nice rides. Here’s a vid of it.


I’m in the same situation as you…but i’m looking for a stiff board. I’ve recently found Hammond longboards…i’ve never heard of them before nor have try any of their boards, however they seem kinda of good and the price is low. And are in Europe…

Check this one for you…


My current board is a drop-thru with a micro-drop. It’s a Sector 9 Catapult. Stiff and solid deck.

I had a drop-thru mount FunBox Suzie Slidethrough deck before that. Much cheaper, but a little less stiff.

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That looks like a sweet setup @Mrmoonlight! I’ve always like the bustin decks. the small double kick is just bonus.

Great video and well put together!

Why did you switch to a stiffer board? i havent ridden longboards before and i thought the flex was a good thing?

It depends on how you’re riding. Flex is nice for a softer ride at lower speeds, but you lose some control and stability once you start going faster. Stiff boards will give you more stability and control at higher speed, but the ride is harsher. If you plan on keep your speeds in the 10-20mph range, then flex is nice to smooth out the bumps. If you’re pushing the 18-25+mph range, you will want a stiffer deck. If you want a deck that is really responsive, you will also want a stiffer deck, even if you’re only going 10-15mph. If you plan on going faster than 25+, I’d recommend going with a good top-mount downhill board.

Generally what I ride: Bustin Maestro Pro for just cruising around town (cushy and kicktails) - Flexy Bustin Sportster Mini for the crowded city (compact and responsive) - Med Stiff Sector 9 Catapult for my electric (because I’m generally going faster) - Stiff

I will probably be going around 25-30 mph max.

I really like the Sector 9 Catapult you’re reffering to, do you think it would suit my build? and would reverse mounting the motor be neccesary?

300mph!!! Holy sh#t!!

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It says 30 right?

Oohhh my bad, i use km/h and underestimated the unit.

I will not exceed 25 mph…

If you mount your trucks drop-thru, you will have to reverse mount your motors. If you top mount, it doesn’t matter. I have another electric that’s a double drop Landyachtz Switchblade, but I top mounted my trucks. Standard motor mount placement. It’s an EGO Cruiser mod.

You can still get pretty low while still keeping your motor mounted standard.

You should look for drop-down instead of drop-thru or you might have issues with pulley clearance or motor clearance if you like loose trucks. Also drop downs have a nice locked in feeling because of the foot stop.

I changed it to 30 for you hehe

How can you do that? Ahaha

EDIT: you’re a mod, that’s how :wink:

Also i think i settled on this https://www.sickboards.nl/en/all-deck-only-s/7458-landyachtz-switchblade-38-maple-deck-only.html

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That build is what started my idea for the reverse mount :wink:

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Great deck. I’m a big fan of Landyachtz - good decks. It’s a stiff deck and you might have some trouble with the motor mount clearing and full lean. I’m pretty sure a guy at a meetup ride moved his evolve (older single motor) to the switchblade. I rode it and loved the feel of the small drop (feet felt planted and confident).

what battery setup are you going to do?

Look forward to following your build - GL!

@Aborn since @lox897 mentioned it https://www.instagram.com/redemberboards/

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