Dual 6355 or 6380? Advice?

Because I live in Europe, it’s just as expensive for me (240€) to order either 2 6355 motors for from electricboardsolutions.com, or 2 6380 motors from (free shipping because it’s over 300USD with TB trucks). I plan on getting my mounts from electricboardsolutions, because then I can get a pulley cover, which seems like a must, otherwise I could get the same motors from diyelectric + their mounts to make the price go over 300$.

So, my question is: which option of the two should I go for? The pros of the dual 6355 setup is that I could use Calliber trucks instead of TB ones and save some weight + improve looks, and the pros of the dual 6380 is of course more torque – I weigh 80kg (175pounds), and want to be able to get up some pretty steep hills. The downside however, if I understand correctly, is that to drive the dual 6380s to their max potential (2x4000W) I’d need like what, a 12s5p battery? I don’t need that kind of range! :stuck_out_tongue: (Also, that’s mighty expensive!)

Which option should I go for? Perhaps dual 6355 is enough for getting up hills? Thanks in advance!

I´m from Germany and run a dual 6355 with a 10s4p 30Q battery and 15/36 gearing. They already provide really nice power bringing my ass up any hill i throw at them. I weight about 90-100kg geared up. So this is already a powerfull and really nice setup.

If i want more, i had to up the volts to a 12s system, maybe 1p row more and 6374 motors. But i like it how it is right now, otherwise it gets to heavy for my taste


I am new at esk8 so take my opinion for what it’s worth. I have dual 6355s with focboxes and 12s5p and there is no way I would want any more power. Even in steep hills the board accelerates like crazy. My weight is very close to yours (78kg) but with gear and backpack I am closer to 90kg.



Pretty good answer to your question

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Thanks everyone! I’m guessing the 6380s are probably meant for mountainboarding then :smiley: Since my question is answered, do I now lock the topic or something, or just let it stay as is?

Let it run, it could help someone

Brilliant! this helps me quite a lot with mine!


I am running a dual 6384 on my next build because I need more torque :grinning:

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ran dual 6355 250kv motors and had heaps of power at 10s

Just look at that lolIMG_20180702_161846_084


I second the notion that 6355’s are plenty. I’m running dual 230kv 6355’s, focboxes, 10s battery and 14/40 gears with 100mm wheels. Haven’t hit my top speed yet but it should be around 30mph but I’ll tell you right now the acceleration will throw you off the board if you’re not ready for it and I have a lot of steep hills around here in this part of New Jersey and it flies up the hills. Literaly accelerates as I go it’s so fun. I had also tuned my settings lower because it wasn’t too much tourque at first! Also I weigh 220lbs and my board is heavy (4 10,000 mah batteries add to that).

Good luck!


Btw, if I plan to run dual 6355 sensored motors on caliber 2 trucks, is it true that it can only be done with 9mm belts? My working is: 55mm motor + 7mm sensor knob, 8mm mount + 9mm belt + 15mm for wheel pulley (according to what I’ve seen) = 94mm, multipled by 2 is 188mm which is 4mm more than the truck hanger, but doable by pushing the axle length to its limit. Is this all feasible? Are my calculations correct?

I run 12mm belts on my 15mm pulleys with Caliber II trucks just fine.



I have a dual 6355 on my 10S4P Vanguard and 6384 on my 12S4P Trampa.

The power delivery of the Trampa has no comparison with the Vanguard, but the 12S4P is also a variable you need to consider. 12s4p is way faster and has more power band than the 10S4P, the thrill you get is amazing much more than the Vanguard.

Now, I hate to even drag the Trampa anywhere, the extra weight really sucks.

If I go somewhere near which I know will have a good pavement I grab the Spud, weights 13 pounds only


Loooked up the parts you use – wow! The TorqueBoards sensored motors don’t have an extra sensor part extruding from them, so they are actually just 55mm wide! Unfortunately, all the ones I see in European shops (eskating, electricboardsolutions) do have a sensor bit sticking out. I’ll have to check if I can get the TB ones for cheap somehow, or maybe someone can confirm that using regular Maytech sensored 6355 with 9mm belts on Caliber 2 is doable.

It´s even doable with 12mm belts :wink:

Take a look at these in the UK. About to assemble but mock up fits 12mm belt comfortably on the caliber 10/50.

My build is similar to yours and chosen by testing other peoples boards. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve this is right for me and might be for you.

I went for 10s5p because it could climb basically anything I could find and I didn’t feel I needed the extra torque from a larger motor/12/13s.

15/40 gearing on 107mm with 10s on the narrow truck is that sweet spot for my old ass.



You will also need to pay import taxes if you get the ones from … Trust me… I know what im talking about.

$113 import

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Strange, I was told by customer support from diyelectricskateboard that they mark the price as 30$ on the package they send, so if there happen to be any taxes I’d need to pay only for those 30$. Can anyone else confirm / deny?

They might do that :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Post Nord (Scandinavia post service) had opened my package and checked it. They might had found the bill with all the real costs.