Dual belt kit 10s2p from Diyeboard.com

Hey guys! Was looking for a faster board with good acceleration and came across this kit http://www.diyeboard.com/10s2p-battery-esc-dual-motor-belt-drive-power-truck-kit-8352-p-611.html?zenid=m209t16637s2ncif1e59s2qt32.

I placed an order on the 23 October and received all the parts by the 9 November. You get 2 packages , one package that is sent with DHL that contains the hardware and one package that is sent by UPS that contains the battery pack. The package for DHL arrived 1 week earlier than the battery pack.

The first impression of the kit was that it looked very well made for the price.

The parts waiting for installation. I choose to use a madrid weezer deck (120$ complete) , it’s about 94cm long and has medium flex.

First thing that i did was drilling the holes for the cases , i did pu the cases at the very end of the deck to get the most flex out of the board.

Then i used a dremel to cut a line for the cable.

After i installed the cable i mounted the grip tape, this because i want the bolts to be above the grip tape and not under (for easy removal).

Next thing was to install the trucks, cases and screws, this was a easy. The only thing that took some time was getting all the motor wires to fit in the esc case, i had a lot of cable left since i installed the case very close to the motors.

One more thing! I also installed a more accurate battery indicator that shows voltage and battery percentage. Can be found on ebay, just search for “Battery indicator Lithium ion”. Was around 8$.

The result , total weight of the board is 6.2kg:+1:


Before i get into the test ride lets go thru the specs.

  • Motors are 1400 x2 (270kv)
  • Battery is the LG MF1 cells 10s2p (158wh)
  • Board has 3 speed modes on the controller (the new version controller)- Pro mode - 39km/H (Crazy acceleration up to top speed) Medium mode- 37-38km/H (Smooth acceleration that increases after you reach 20km/h) Beginner mode - 20km/h (Balanced acceleration)
  • Wheels are 83mm and gearing is 12t-36t , 5mm pitch.

"EDIT" I updated the gearing to 13t-35t and can now reach 3km/h more than before. Top speed is now 42km/h. All kits are delivered with the new gearing (13-35) from now on.

The first test i did was in pro-mode, was very surprised of the acceleration, its very fast. The sound it makes while accelerating is awesome, the sound of power! I was riding full throttle 90% of the time with a top speed of 38-39km/h, board was very stable, i had to tighten the trucks a bit but that’s a easy fix. After 7-8 km riding at full speed (constantly) the board started beeping while accelerating hard, i knew that the battery was finished.

Another good thing that i love is that you can change modes when riding, no need to stop or turn the board off.

Battery and voltage sag. At 100% down to 70% the board runs the best, acceleration is superfast and you can reach 39km/h fast! Below 70% the acceleration drops some (hardly noticeable) but still managed to get to 37km/h. When at 30 - 0 % acceleration is still good (still faster than my backfire 2 in fast mode) and top speed drops to 34-35km/h.

Was surprised that i could reach over 30km/h even when the indicator showed 6% left. The Esc cuts the power when at 30.4V and starts beeping at 31.2V. Charging from Fully empty took 2hours and 30min.

Range (tested below 10 Celsius) Pro mode: 7-9km Medium mode : 9-11 km (theoretical, not tested yet) Beginner mode: 11-13km (theoretical, not tested yet)

Note: I orderd a Sanyo 10s2p (8.5ah) from darkkevind that im going to be using on this kit to give me some more range. Will do a update once range/performance is tested on the Sanyo pack.


  • The stock battery indicator on the board and remote don’t work (Luckily i installed aftermarket one). Diyeboard.com said its normal that electronics like this fail because of vibration (Been riding smooth roads only and it didn’t work the first ride i took). DIYEboard didn’t seem to do anything about it or solve the issue, the answer i got was that it “normal”.

  • Wheel bearing in the pulley. My bearing failed after a ride, lucky me that i found it just in time and not at 39km/h. The kit uses a flanged/lipped bearing that holds the pulley in place so it cant be replaced with a standard one.

According to Diyeboard there was a bad batch of bearings that caused it to fail, they have now changed the bearing to a higher quality one to solve the issue. I don’t know if it a successful fix yet since i only been able to ride about 3 charge cycles since i installed a new pulley bearing (still using the old one but Jason will ship new higher quality bearing soon). Edit: I received the new bearings from Jason and i had no issues with failures so far with the new pulley bearing.

Pros/positive Customer service. (Best I’ve experienced) Here is where DIYeboard.com shines compared to many other Esk8 brands. They reply very quickly to customers, even on weekends. You can tell that they want to have satisfied customers and tries to do everything to make it a reality. Jason seems to be a hard working man and tries his best on making you happy with your purchase. The English can sometimes be an issue but all miscommunication been sorted in the end. I think that in 2018 Diyeboard.com will compete with the bigger brands since they are providing a lot of different products and are evolving fast. They seem to listen to customers criticism and are always looking to improve their products.

Overall performance The kit performance (Motors, braking, acceleration) is very good, and it’s as fast as they advertised on the website. Total weight of the kit is also very low compared to other brands. It rides super nice and is very responsive when in fast mode.

I will update the review frequently as i get more mileage on the board. Updates will arrive in the following order

100km - Update review 500km - Update review 1000km - Update review

If you have any questions please let me know =) And for the record im not in Diyeboard.com affiliates program.

Videos of the kit

Flex test

Speed modes

Acceleration test


This is an awesome test! I’ve always wondered how that kit held up. Glad to see that they actually have some good stuff going there. This is great for a budget build. I guess the only thing really lacking is the battery, I couldn’t see only having a max of like 6 miles of range.

Other than that, awesome post.

Very good review. Interesting that even 20A max output is enough to make a fast dual drive system. What’s your weight and what about hill climbing ability?

how wide are the 2 enclosures under the board? Would it possible to upgrade/get bigger wheels with its current gearing?

My weight is 75kg. Haven’t been able to try a big hill yet but will definitely let you know once I do.

Unfortunately it’s cold and snow on the road so it may take a while :frowning:

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You can find the measurements on their website of both cases. Don’t have access to check now but can look it up later if you wish

I guess you could get bigger wheels, the core looks the same as the abec 11 original wheel. Don’t know how the esc would cope with it though.

I see you’re using risers. This seems like a good kit except the motors are mounted at an angle so high up it seems like you have to use risers or they’ll hit the deck. Do you see any way of adjusting the motor mounts to fix this? Otherwise this seems like a deal breaker for this kit. 1 inch risers and 90mm wheels would have me feel like I’m standing atop a table.

Well I’ve actually removed the big risers and are now using 3mm ones. They was not needed on my deck, I found out about this after some testing. Never hit the board with the motors, it’s a tighter fit with no risers installed but so far it’s been no issue. If you look at the video of the flex test you can see that the risers is removed, to get a lower board. It all depends on what deck you choose, you’ll have to try and see if risers are needed or not.

Although i must say that i do run the rear kingpin bolt quite tight , I find the board to be more stable with a tight rear truck.

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have to say this is the best and most honest and proffessional review i ever seen, i think you did a great job here help lots of diy builders how to build a solid board. very creative built especially the deck choose and battey indicator. well done my friend.


Will this kit fit the 90mm wheels that they sell? Are the motors and gearing water resistant?

Diyeboard don’t have 90mm wheels for the belt kit. 90mm wheels are only available in hubmotor configuration if im not wrong.

I would avoid riding in the rain with any esk8, its not safe (slippery) and you always risk to damage electronics. A good rule of thumb when it comes to riding in wet weather is " if water is splashing off the wheels when riding, it is too wet"

Diyeboard made updates to the gearing so all kits now use 13t-35t instead of 12t-36t. This increases the top speed with around 4km/h.

Im wating for the new gearing and will update my experience when its been tested :slight_smile:

I’ve ridden in very wet road several times with my drop through Meepo. Since the casings are the same I was just wondering how water resistant gear drives are. Are the Sanyo pack you ordered similar to Meepo’s? Cause I ordered one. lol

Well you could be ok riding on wet road, I just don’t. I don’t find it enjoyable riding In bad conditions. But if its not that wet you should be ok, water is no problem for the motors, its when it gets into the esc and battery that you have issues. I orderd a Sanyo from @darkkevind and it should be similar to meepos sanyo battery.


I received some new pulleys from Diyeboard today, they have changed the gearing on all kits to 13T-35T. (stock 12T-36T) My topspeed increased from 38km/h to 42km/h, it may not sound much but i tell you its a big differences in fear level going 42 instead of 38km/h.

Pulleys was a bit hard to get off the motor, but when heated up with a torch they was very easy to remove and replace.

12T on the left 13T on the right.


novice here so sorry for the dumb question bit i got these with my kit, could you tell me what are or where they go, or are they just spares?

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theyre lipped bearings and they go into the black wheel pulleys.

Yeah those are spare wheel pulley bearings. =)

thanks so their just spare ones? it came already assembled so i imagine there are wheel pulley bearings already in there, right?

Yeah definitely already there, those are spares.

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how are your wheel bearings, did you change them? Mine dont seem great, My fronts wheels they hardly spin freely