Dual Maytech ESC

Hi, has anyone given the dual maytech esc a go? Was thinking about giving one a go but the amperage rating looks bit low?

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I saw Mandys post on instagram and wondered the same. Seems a good way to being down costs to dual drive but in quads I’ve learnt it can be a false economy. if one goes then at least you have a single drive. With this it’s pushing home.

No one tried one? I wonder if this is a controller from a established brand?

Ordered two, testing on a 10s4p board once i get them.Going to try to see how it handles 4wd with a y connector that they are providing. :slight_smile: Would be the cheapest alternative ESC for 4wd board or single/dual. They stated the braking is still being tested, honestly that’s my only concern so we shall see.

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Interesting. It would be good to know if there is a program card for it, or some kind of computer interface?

Asked where my ESC is today and it seems they’re not ready yet…

“The new esc is still making in our producing line. As this is new design, we need make more time. They will be ready in the end of this month New products need test again and again, Do not worry about, I will inform you before shipping.”

I got the same response. I asked for video also and they said about another week. I’ll update once I hear back.

As these are now advertising on the Maytech site I have asked for some more info and got the following.

"Hi Ben

Nice day!

The dual esc is still making now. We start to ship next week according to the payment time.

Please kindly send your motor following details, we will adjust all parameters for your dual esc to match your motor before shipping:

  1. Motor size:
  2. KV:
  3. Input Volt(lipos):
  4. Number of Pole(such as ?N?P):
  5. diameter of the wire: Please kindly confirm above information with your motor supplier so that we can adjust best parameter for you."

4WD will be a killer ! I want to see that

did you all talking about this dual esc? https://maytech.en.alibaba.com/product/60648987342-803112247/Maytech_newest_e_longboarding_30A_dual_esc_10S_speed_controller_with_FOC_mod_for_electric_skateboard.html

It is the maytec dual esc. Latest questions are… “Please also check with the supplier the following informaiton: 4. Number of Pole(such as ?N?P): 5. diameter of the copper wire: Or else, the dual esc will not work understand FOC. Please check it”

Would anyone know the answers to these questions? Here is a link to the motors.

Latest http://www.racerstar.com/Racerstar-5065-BRH5065-200KV-6-12S-Brushless-Motor-Without-Gear-For-Balancing-Scooter-p-115.html

Do you have the motor already? If yes open it and count. N stays for Stator Teeths with copper winding and P for permanent magnets of the stator, for example 12N14P. Diameter of the copper wire is a bit difficult. Maybe you can measure it when the motor is open. Usually it is not just one phase wire, so you have to count the wire strands and measure the diameter of each strand. Not sure if they really need that exactly.

No, I’m not at home for a while and the motor has not arrived. Perhaps I’ll ask the manufacturer. Thanks

Still trying to get hold of racerstar. Can’t seem to find any contact info on them. No news from Maytech either.

Still having no luck with Racerstar. Maytech are now ready to send out the esc, but need.

  1. Number of Pole(such as ?N?P):
  2. diameter of the copper wire:
  3. Internal Resistance

I guess no-one has a racerstar motor?

about maytech dual vesc they told me: specially for hub motors and 50mm sensored motor

I cancelled my order in the end. It kept getting put off and put off.

Waiting on my order still, i’ll provide some info once i receive them. I also will be doing 4wd with 2 dual ESC’s. should be interesting.

These are shipping today and arrive in 6 days when I get back from vacation so I should have some video content to share then.

Hey so how are these esc performing? Did you tried them?