Dual motor vs single motor range?

How much less range will I get with a dual setup in compair to a single setup at same speed? I know the motors only have a certain efficiency. Do I need to multiply those losses x2? Has anyone experience with that?

You will have around 30% loss. Base on real wold use

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One motor versus two. One motor will have to work twice as hard as two motors to obtain the same speed. So, you can have one motor pulling 30 amps Or, you can have two motors pulling 15 amps each Range is determined by how much current your pulling from the battery. on flat ground, your range will be much better than if your climbing hills. And much better if your cruising than if your racing around or doing a lot of stop and go. One motor or two, in theory your range should be the same. performance however, acceleration and braking is much better with two motors. And much less strain on the motor and Esc or Vesc when there are two to share the load. One motor is ok if your on a tight budget. But if you got the money to burn, dual motor is the way to go.


Most of the power loss comes from double the belts I reckon. But i think once you have two motors you’ll want to go faster. You’ll get more comfortable because you have double the acceleration power and more importantly double the brakes. So it’s hard not to accelerate quicker and stay at higher speed longer knowing you can stop quickly and doing so you will lose range from my personal experience.

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ok, thank you

I agree with this. I’m pretty sure my battery life would be worse with a single motor given how much it’ll struggle on SF hills

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i had single on my first eboard. Doulble is much better and I still get good range.

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I love a dual set up for aesthetic looks cooler for performance better torque with less stress. And for the braking power,this is my main reason. City streets riding needs good brakes.


I’d say dual is a requirement living anywhere with bigger hills. Going down a big hill on a single motor will eventually be disastrous when the belt breaks.

if the single motor is big enough could be more efficient and get more range. I barely noticed the handling difference between one and two and only notice one motor isn’t going because of less power. I’d rather ride one motor that has twice the power. Only needing one esc and less complications is appealing as well as the efficiency. Handling is so similar I guess more is safer though.

Opposite for me. My wheels lift sometimes and i lose traction, so i need a motor on each side.

Doesn’t the vesc traction control stop that? Does for me. Actually that is a nice feature of two and the traction control is a nice feature. U reminded me @evoheyax ur board had spinning wheels when they left the ground last night when I tried it.

traction control isn’t the issue I’m talking about though. if you lose traction with 1 motor, you won’t be accelerating.

Yea. I never rode a single long enough to experience losing power as it left the ground. I’d like to try it with the traction control and a single.

I have a single motor and the wheel spends a lot when turning probly because my trucks are so tight If you get 2 motors you can dobble your motor gear size and go way faster but you probably need batterys with more c rating

traction control wouldn’t do anything on a single, it’s a multi VESC feature.

@Quinlanbrown Speed is not as important as responsiveness and torque. You can have low reduction, but you’ll need going dangerously fast and will be a ton of stress on all your components.

DOn’t listen to KALY, total non sense, you will get better range with 2 motors If you will be using the same output. You want people to tell you facts, not what they think might be true… 1 motor will have to work way more than twice as hard… Loses because of heat, loses because of the motor pushing your board to the side instead of going straight. Not mentioning that when a belt brakes with one motor, you are freewheeling and pray you stop before you hit a decline and won’t be able to stop at all.

Wow. A two year bump? Smh.

Might as well throw out my two cents while I’m here though.

I have been using my single motor board (12S 12000mah, 97mm wheels, TB(I forget the size)230 motor) For quite a while. Generally I was able to get up to 29mph on one motor, with a range of about 20~miles. Acceleration felt a bit weak and I would and needed to give just the slightest kick from a standstill. (Sensorless) Breaking from 20mph to 3-5mph took about 6 seconds (which is quite a bit for road use) and at the end of the breaking period the break would feel pretty weak. So much so that I would usually footbreak.

Recently I added another 230kv motor and VESC, and WOW. It makes a HUGE diffrence.

My top speed shot from 29mph, to somewhere probably in the 38-40s (I have yet to dare to try it thx to weak stock brushings I need to change out :I) My range went down about 3-4 miles. I no longer need to kick on acceleration (Sensorless) My acceleration makes my smile every time. I can beat any car from a dead stop at a stop light, and make it across the road before they catch up. (It also sounds strong, and no longer like a whiny motor is going to kill itself lol) Controlled breaking from 25mph takes about 4 seconds, and feels strong, firm, and stable.

My motors are noticeably less hot (if even warm) after a run vs when I was running a single motor. This probably goes for the dual VESCs too. I pull less amps per motor when accelerating. And can put down more breaking power whenever needed. The chance of my belts snapping and/or teeth slipping are REALLY REALLY low because they share the strain of all forces asked of them. Did I mention better breaking?

My confidence in boarding on roads aside cars has shot WAY up, and I am actually able to feel safer during the rides, which makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

After tasting what dual motors feels like, I will never, EVER, EVERRR go back to single motor :wink:

Of course with confidence comes higher and more dangerous speeds. I do wear full head protection, along with motorcycle armor for my chest, back, and arms, as well as knee/shin pads. I also always wear jeans, and usually some sort of longsleeve (I prefer hoodies) I have taken a spill at 35~mph, and only came out with 3 little skinned spots on one inner elbow(I have no idea how they got there. My longsleeve jacket was completely intact), and sore outer thigh and ego. No blood at all.


What? Lol. Am I missing something? Everything Kaly said was spot on, at least according to my tested FACTS :stuck_out_tongue:

1 motor MAY have to a little more then twice as hard, but you also won’t be going as fast as you would be with two motors anyway. Your range WILL be better with one motor vs 2 (Unless most of your travel time is on hilly terrain. In which case the single motor may no longer have an advantage due to working even harder)

But it’s certainly not because

I don’t know how people can continue to believe this fallacy :laughing: Not here to argue, but @Pantata Sir, your fact there is wrong. EXTREMELY negligible at best.

Yes, the idea of the motor turning one wheel more then the unpowered wheel, and causing the board to turn towards the un-powered side is a safe assumption. But keep in mind:

  1. Boards have FOUR wheels. Not two. All wheels point straight ahead. Both the powered wheel, and the unpowered wheel. There is no turning.

  2. Boards operate under the pressure of being stood upon. This increases the traction of ALL four wheels on the ground. Meaning unless you accelerate FAST (which is hard to do on one motor anyway) and spin the motor wheel in a burn out, generally ALL four wheels will rotate at the same speed as you ride. Do the front wheels of a rear-wheel-drive car spin faster then the powered back wheels? No. Normally they do not.

  3. The road, pavement, sidewalk, grass, gravel, dirt, riding surface is not perfectly level or flat anyway and would cause your board to drift.



Wouldn’t this get you MORE range with a single motor? Considering you are still moving, and don’t need to use the motor/belt :stuck_out_tongue: ESPECIALLY when you get to that decline!

All-in-all Better range on 2 motors vs 1? No, unless you have a bunch of steep hills everywhere. But while it may be less range, it certainly is NOT half the range. :+1:

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Man I kinda don’t wanna waste my time here, I don’t mean “waste” but you are talking total non sense, If you wanna bet we can. Everything I said is correct. With one motor, your back wheels are not riding in sync with your front wheels, your back truck keeps bending to the side giving you 4 tracks instead of 2, 2 motors sharing the load of one will be more efficient and you will get more range with two motors. YOu keep giving really bad arguments, it looks more like you don’t like me being correct… What does broken belt have to do with range? Boards have 4 wheels and see what your board does when you try to accelerate with one motor… Lol, man I don’t even know why I am atlking to you… I gave you clear facts, this is how it is is you don’t believe me go study electricity/physics, ask an expert maybe… Before you go on a rant telling us stories you came up with in your head… No offense but you haven’t made a single meaningful argument and it is obvious you have no knowledge in this… Stating that two motors will eat more battery cause you will be using more power… No DA Colombo, that’s the point… That work needs to be shared… If you just add another motor using way more power from the batter, then of course it will last less… Seriously… Are you serious?