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DYNO DUEL | Boosted Boards Dual + VS Enertion Raptor Dual


@Calhoun I hope this solve your numbering and math problems. However this horse power this doesn’t tell me anything. Its kinda obvious which one is more powerfull.

Good stuff!

Would be awsome if the vesc could compute these numbers.

It would justify my setup, one motor driving and to other would be the “sensor”

Yeah, i think it would be good if the VESC could extract some more data & compute it into something more meaningful to a layman… we need Vedder to make some updates to the BLDC tool, maybe BLDC Dyno Edition… Then a system like you pictured would be perfect. Easy to build & operate.

You can also buy small dynos too,

Coowl test! And amazing that you can put 1.5hp to the ground with a wheel that small ^^.

There is a linear relation between power (in watts ) in and horsepower out ( 750W per horsepower ). The only error that is introduced is the losses in the transmission and bearings and that is something that is hard to measure in the VESC. What would you like to see other than the power consumption times a scalar?

Well, i think the load is not realistic! The guy is just leaning on it. I would prefer someone staying on the board or just put some heavy weight on it (80kg).

I guess they are also looking for a data stream to interface with the dyno. Something to output the rpm of the motor maybe.

i need to do this. I want to know what this 12S monster i’m building can output.

stuff like:

peak torque output & X rpm
torque output comparisons
horsepower comparo
torque output / current draw / voltage comparo

Basically i want to be able to have 10~ different motors(with varying stator & winding configs) & drive train configurations and test them to compare what is most efficient & best torque…

With something that can fit on my desk.

i did stand on it, makes no difference

Did I hear this right? @jacobbloy You have motor controller? Let see it or was Jason just stroking you. You guys aren’t thinking of stealing credit from Vedder are you? I think it is great that you are creating apps for the VESC but lets give the credit to Vedder for the motor controller.

settle down…

edit: our focus now is making the best possible drive trains on the market… the vesc as it is doing a great job.

ALSO, i will have 2000 vesc in a matter of weeks…

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did you post in the right thread??? none of what you posted makes any sense :P

watch the end of the video

OH, lol didnt realize @jacobbloy was the other guy in the video :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess i didnt catch the part about the motor controller in the video

@onloop Hopefully it wont be obsolete by that time.

@Karmannghiagirl in the video he said it was @jacobbloy motor controller, was just trying to get more info but it turns out they were talking about the VESC.

based on the info from @JTAG

1HP = 750WATTS

With fully charge space pack & vesc config I have max 2100watts. (42v MAX 50A) Of course with voltage sag this drops rapidly under load, so lets say i have around 40v at 50A, so just 2000watts

& At the wheel i had just 1500watts (2HP)

So it seems to be about 25% losses in the drive train.

well, that would be shit…

i’m a bit of a risk taker though! go big or go home :slight_smile:

this is the only reason i would like a dyno…

so i can reduce the losses in transmission…

This is one reason why Hub motors might be the key!

Hey man I never said any thing about the vesc being mine!