E-MTB Build.. MBS vs. Trampa

My next build will be a Mountain board. Everyone seems to flock to Trampa but quite frankly im still pissed about their actions on the VESC project and communication with their fearless leader. So, is there any reason I cannot build from a MBS setup?

quite frankly


You can build from any board, just depends how much DIY prowess you have or are willing to put into it.


That is pretty much what I figured. I have researched the forum and found motor mounts and pulleys for MBS. As far as diy I am pretty handy but have minimal tools living in NYC. I also want to do a 4x3s Lipo battery pack with BMS.

I’d say go for it, I do want to build a mountain board one day, but I think hubs are next on my list

The streets around NYC SUCK! I also plan to ride in snow lol

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Now you’re talking! I’m actually thinking about changing my belt drive trampa to chain drive in preparation for snow days (not that there was much snow days this year).

For what its worth, there really isn’t that much +/- between abs and trampa. I would say though, MBS has a lot of their stuffs on Amazon so it’ll probably be easier to do shipping if you have Prime.

I love Prime shipping! Chain drive would be wild. Im going to try and build a MTB for a $1,000 budget!

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1,000 might be a bit tight but since you’re going only 4x3s and MBS I think you’ll be fine. You going belt or chain?

Have no clue lol whichever I can find the easiest and will be reliable. I have zero plans to actually ride offroad and on rough terrain. I really wish I could find a maple deck!

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No reason not to build an MBS, imo. Especially in the US, and especially if you have a limited budget. It’s so much easier to find them for a good price here. I really like Trampa’ s product line and quality, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the $600+ board that I would have wanted. Instead, I’ve been able to get my hands on a 99% new Comp 95 for $200, a new Core 95 for $100, and an old Sol 16 for $40. So, the deals are definitely out there for MBS boards, but used or discounted Trampa’ s seem almost non-existent unless you’re in the EU. I bet you could find a good deal on Craigslist in NY.

Technically, I’m plenty happy with the quality and performance of the MBS boards. I’m also very happy with the motor mounts from @idea; low profile, cool looking, sturdy, competitively priced. Plus, he now makes mounts for pretty much all of the MBS trucks, so there’s plenty of options.


I spoke with @idea the other night about his offerings and they all look solid! I have found a few used boards but they are all around $200 and have the wrong trucks and wheels on them. My goal is to find a used 30 degree deck and build from there.

I’m checking with @Nowind about chain drive so if you’re interested we can get the shipment together. Lmk. Might be able to save some money on shipping(?).

yea let me know! If you know anyone or run across a used board let me know as well. What battery setup are you running?

Ya, I like Trampa for their sleekness but $400 extra is a little too much. That said though, I don’t know how @idea can have so much grip and power with belts drive in the woods. I have a hard time getting any power from a dead stop in Central Park with my belt drive.

Are your motors too high kv? do the belts slip or just a lot of strain to take off?

12s6p 18650. Im thinking about changing it to 20700 though for the increase in range. Me and @Mikeomania12 always have to decide between going to Central Park or take subway there to conserve power, always a pain in the ass.

This build will certainly be about range for me! Im tired of only having 10 miles to play with.

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6347 190kv Turnigy. It slips and sometimes theres a lot of cogging, like straining to take off. It’s gotten better ever since I change The belt to GT3, which is so fukin strong! But the cogging is just…annoying. Don’t want my batteries blowing up the ESC too.

Oh damn, are you running dual drive?

Yep. dual rear from @Kaly