E-TOXX motor mounts : Trampa holypro : ultimate trucks : primo alpha 8" tires : superstar hubs : MBS F5 bindings w/Trampa heelstraps : Turnigy SK3 192kv : Turnigy nano-tech 8S : Hobbywing max6

Watsup guys,

Just wanted to post some pics of my board, and give a big thanks to Nowind for all his help. Been having a blast on this thing.



Big thanks to Trampa too :relaxed:

Beautiful boards guys



Awesome. Is the box in front just for the light?

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Thanks! Yeah, it’s just for the light. Had originally planned on using VESCs so I already had the box. Probably going to add another switch for some colored lights on the bottom, or something to that effect.

Upgraded with ISO-5 chain parts, and added more batteries and carbon mount for the esc’s. Top end’s around 25mph with tours of 13+ miles with plenty battery life to spare.


Also added another switch and led lights. Super bright, but drains the shit outa the batteries.


Looking good.

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The only thing I miss about chains is the lack of drag unlike belts.

Very clean build man I love the lights! I’ve got some red LEDs under mine! 12 volt

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@skiboyscuba @barajabali

Thanks guys. I’m really happy with it. Only thing that bums me out about the chain is having to tighten it all the time. Anymore messing with the screws and I’m worried I’ll start stripping 'em out.

Looking forward to giving the belts a try (with a little more top-end).

I might reccomend the 15mm trampa belts. I’m gonna experiment with them soon. The drag and loss of range is annoying, the torque transfer is amazing though. Right now 12s7p is getting me 12-15 miles I’m 230lbs though.

With chains I used to get much more but I sincerely hated them for all reasons


What’s the loss of range with belts compared to chains? Got a couple of Jens’ 25mm belt drive setups in progress. Didn’t realize there was any loss in range.

This is my first build so I don’t have any comparison. Perhaps in hindsight, I would’ve upgraded to direct drive rather than the ISO-5 stuff, but I’m happy with the chains on this one for now.

I’ll be doing some testing in the next few weeks so I don’t have any solid numbers as of yet but off the top of my head. My 10s8p with chains would go for about 20-26 miles while my belts on 12s7p are about 12-15.

Not sure why or if my results are skewed since there are multiple variables but I still feel like I need to get more range from it

That seems like an awful difference… I think the best way to be to try both batteries on the same board… to be 100% sure…

Yea i don’t have a chain kit right now so I’ll have to pick up a new set

@barajabali - what’s the watt hour rating of each systems battery? 10s and 12s is still a difference… and that 1p (assuming ~2500mah) probably also impacts the range… by at least 2miles

Nice build, looks like I will put some LED lights on mine as well. I have it on my CGT. I have it going around the edges of the deck because it has zero deck flex anyway.

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The 12s is 777wh The 10s is 740 wh

Not much difference in terms of wh

Was having some stuttering issues with this build at speeds. Tried riding it awhile back with 9" tires. Motors got super hot and ended up melting the main connector from the batteries to the ESCs.

Everything I’m coming up with points to the battery wires being too long. Think mine are a little longer than most (tried to cram as many on there as possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Added some cap banks and street tires.

Had a few long tours and no issues so far. Also swapped the motors out to 213kv for a little more speed. Maxes out at about 28mph now. Increased the range to about 17 miles too.