Eboosted Enclosure JetSpud

So… is your deck missing holes ?

Wow man just relax. We don’t hate on you, just discussing what you can make to fit the enclosure. I said you, you know batter than we if there holes or not. And to drill new holes looks for me as the easiest option. If this is possible, again only you can measure out.

Just hope you got to @Eboosted before you opened this thread. He usually stand behind his product and I see here on the forum that he always willing to give advice or help if something don’t fit 100%.

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Lol, my thoughts precisely! This thread irritates me. I vote close it!

@BasWoods , if you buy a product from someone on this forum, it’s considered “polite” (and a rule) that the best practice is to PM the seller for a resolution FIRST, and preferably in a polite manner, before starting a thread that annoys me (or others). I’d wish you luck, but I don’t care


Someone peed in Pat’s cornflakes. Lol

It’s a good rule tho.

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No biggie! If you have a M5 drill bit and a power drill, just make new holes!

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Quick question, where did you get that deck from? If it’s from @JLabs it should be fine as i got my deck from him.

Okay. And no one is being rude, I’m just sharing a problem and purchase experience. Thank you for helping me with a solution, that’s exactly what this chat is for, but I’m making people aware that if they buy a Jetspud enclosure from eboosted it might not fit.

What if I’m a customer who doesn’t want to drill through my board? Then there should be information states what the specifications of the enclosure are, and if there’s a possibility it won’t fit.

Instead all I see are messages with false information and complaints that I stated a problem.

Fair enough. @Skunk I pee in my own cornflakes, thank you very much

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But if his enclosure works on everyone else’s board and this is the first time this has come up. the question isn’t what’s wrong with the enclosure but where did you get your board? Just seems odd. The spud is a very popular board. And he’s sold more than a few enclosures.

I got it from buildkitboards. I don’t know if it’s JLabs or not.


Yes, that’s his page.

Could you take a pic of the deck and the enclosure on top? Nothing else, so we can have a clearer view. Very odd, i’m using the same enclosure and deck as you, it should fit but the rear truck will be pretty much touching the edge of the enclosure

This is how my back truck area looks.


Also, my deck has a total of 16 holes, 8 at the front and back. I used the holes nearest to the nose. d7a73a3a314380283dc8db800d5009b582128178_1_690x388


My deck doesn’t have those extra holes

Problem solved… kinda

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I see, in that case, i would recommend drilling new holes in order for them to fit. That way you can use the enclosure!

Then the deck is the problem not the enclosure. Here’s how you resolve your issues…

  1. Take the baseplate and move it out to where the outside holes should be
  2. Mark the holes and drill
  3. Move the trucks to where they should be and remount
  4. Move the enclosure to where it should be and remount
  5. Apologize to @Eboosted for being a dick
  6. Change the thread title to “my deck is weird so I made stupid assumptions and insulted an entire community of people who wanted nothing more than to help me”

Image from bkb Top_View_large 4 up front, 8 in the back

@PatRocks are you sure you didn’t pee in the wrong cornflakes?

Is your board the 33’ or 29’?