eBoosted Enclosures thread

Then you need the Vanguard enclosure, it’s two segments, one for 10s4p battery the other for duan focbox/VESC

Evo enclosure!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

On the works! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How long will the evo enclosure be?

I have the 12s ready it fits but it won’t follow the shape of the board, I’m working on a 12s enclosure with the shape of the Evo, however I don’t have the board here so the sides flares concave won’t fit perfectly unless I have the deck with me

Give us a tease of what the EVO enclosure will look like.

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Not a tease, more a repost:

The flares would follow a a wide front and slim bottom part.


Trampa HS11 and Holly Pro enclosures ready

It would hold a 12s4p. The material is very flexible and can will be offered with a rubber gasket for Water proofing


Looks great Alan!

Now let’s see that evo enclosure :slight_smile: I’m ready for this 13S beast!!!


If you mount the BMS on top of the cells it should fit.


Perfect! Now you just need to make the sides straight and get the monies !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe you can keep the flare on the front as that’s what the evo deck does anyhow…

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I have the 12S universal enclosure coming tomorrow, so I will be sure to report back how it fits on the Landy Evo.

I bought it just before he said he was making a special one for it :weary:


I still haven’t done it @jlabs, but it would be the same one as yours but longer flares at the top

I wanna see that.

It’s all good man, I’m sure it will work out!

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Can someone send a PDF file of the Evo deck shape so I could print it and go from there?

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This^ !!! Alan I looked at the bottom of my deck closely and the shape side to side is pretty basic. Just slightly curved downwards towards the edges. So little than when screwing it down it would probably flex right against the small curves.

The real issue is if the enclosure including flat parts is more than 24inches end to end. Then you start getting really into the drop where you’d almost have to have the deck to design it. I don’t suppose fiberglass will bend very much and mold to the deck contours.

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I’m probably going to end up repainting the deck to match the enclosure. I don’t really like the matte on wood stain.


I deffinitely need to get that deck locally to make the mold, nothing would work without it on my hand

what’s the height of that enclosure?