eBoosted Enclosures thread

If fits 2 focboxes and 1 layer of 18650. What are you planning to fit there?

Do.you have anything that tapers to 6 inch width in the middle if 20"+ long or at the end if shorter


Could almost make changeable packs…


I could shorten this one at leave it at 20" total external, but you will have 19.5" of available space to work only, that means it would give space for a 10s4p tops.

I could also sand out the center flares, but you will only have holding points an the corners

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That looks bad ass, what batteries are in there?

Lol I’ve got a 10s3p in masterchos 13" enclosure :rofl: I could fit more than 4p in 19"…:smiley:

Samsung 30Q’s. 10S4P :slight_smile:

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Would that fit dual layer, staggered?

Lol I was talking about the enclosure you posted

The one I posted is eboosteds vanguard battery enclosure… It has two dual layer 4p5s packs side by side for 10s4p…


Ok I think I could get 12s4p in there :wink:

@Eboosted looks like I’m grabbing one, I’ll get some exact measurements tomorrow when I’m installing 2nd motor :yum:

@Eboosted am I crazy to think that this would fit?


You could…but there would be no room for BMS unless you have a micro BMS or external…

@scepterr it won’t fit that way… You’d have to take two of the 4p packs and spun them sideways… Up top like…

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Charge only, all the way :yum:

@Deckoz yah I could flip a chunk around Ooo perfect task for the battery pcb :smiley:

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@deckoz wrapping your batteries with kapton tape will create too much heat inside the pack, if you have the means to control heat inside the batteries it would be ok, otherwise I suggest to remove some kapton and use heat wrap.

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I’m working on a slightly longer vanguard battery case, it would allow a 12S4P configuration, with BMS, charging port, capacity meter and switch.

All those with 10s vanguard batteries could use this as a spare battery pack but with 12S or maybe even a permanent upgrade

I’m fine with waiting a bit :wink: I just replaced a month old 25r pack with 30q pack, ide like to get at least a month of use out of it before making another :rofl:

Probably vesc 6. I wanted to see if there’s enough clearance for a drop deck.

Very nice!! What bms is that? How many Amps?

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Bummer that the 12s universal won’t work with the evo :frowning:

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It’ll be ok. Max battery amps is conservative 30A on a 80A constant current pack… I’ve built Li-ions and lipos like this for a long time and never had issues.

About to mount it up.