Economical Build for Large Rider


Totally new to e-skateboards im a big guy (250lbs) and im currently putting together my first build I have ordered and decided on these components so far for a dual drive build

1 cheap ebay knockoff wheels also considering 90mm

2 cheap ebay knockoffs of Caliber trucks (another member posted a link for them and i went ahead and ordered them)

3 Enertion VESC x2 i already preordered at the sale pricing

4 200kv olliboard motors x2

Looking into the following

1 Batteries im more than likely going to use a 10s system 2 Gearing- im still not super sure where i will order my parts from but im thinking a 16 to 36 tooth combo 3 Motor Mounts- im deciding between @psychotiller 's mounts or enertions, Need to figure out the price difference with shipping ( recommendations are appreciated)

any tips and recommendations are welcome and appreciated

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Welcome to the forum @ecuadorche !

By the time you buy from all those 3 different places you would probably pay more than the enertion single motor mount pro kit. You can upgrade and add more motors and motor mounts as you go on. If you are making a dual motor in the future I would buy two vescs now so you have the same version.

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i was thinking the same about the vesc get two now and upgrade later im also thinking about giving my wife this board if i decide to go with duals later and just doing a new setup then

the price of my single drive mech kit is around 160-180 with shipping enertions offerings are great but a little out of my price range atm i would have preferred to do that instead but cant atm have a small budget and i need to keep it that way

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You could buy a complete mech kit from

ive looked into that as well my kit is still around 50 dollars cheaper than theirs that is if it all works together, any recommendations for motors and batteries?

I recommend 230 KV motors, product/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-230kv/ They are expensive, but they will work great. Batteries- It depends on experience and preference, either lipos or flatpacks, you will probably want 10s minimum

what about a hobbyking equivalent im concerned with the price i know that what you suggested is more sturdy correct???

i would prefer lipos which models and c rating would i need???

with a larger weight just get a 149kv motor from hobbyking and run 10s on it with a 15/16 to 36t gearing rario

also get those wheels from ebay i have a pair and they work great! Also use a 15mm belt with 5mm pitch

why use a lower kv instead of a higher one as suggested earlier??? ive looked around but couldnt find the reasoning or good explanation

lower kv provides more torque, higher kv provides more speed. If you want torque, you’ll want a lower kv motor.

The lower the kv the more bottom end power…at the cost of top speed.

The higher the kv the lower the bottom end…hence stressing the motors…

Stay 200kv and lower and you’ll be set

EDIT: I think we are slipping guys

Please see this:

Then hit us with questions

70 to 75 efficiency

12 to16 pulley 36 pulley

And just tinker with the numbers etc

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Higher kv would be reccomended for a single if u were around 150ibs with a larger weight we need an increase of torque too push the body without straining the motor too much hence the lower kv

Yeah you are right, I did not see his weight, around 200 or less would work

so i used the tool you provided i think a 200 kv motor i what i would want??? maybe with a 10s system of batteries???

what if i go ahead and do a dual drive system??? could i get away with higher kv engines???

can the vesc support 12s worth of batteries without any damage to it??

If u have the budget go dual but basically u just double the cost of whatever a single build would have been

Yeah man … Play with the numbers … Switch up the pulleys …

I gave you the pulley range cause that’s the most common

You will want to think of lipo voltage and set up

Two 5s = 10s


Four 3s , Three 4s , or two 6s = 12s


18650 battery pack

Now what ESCs can you use that will run 10s -12s?

Now what motor can handle 10s or 12s?

It’s all connected…

So what’s your flavor?

You my friend have some virtual window shopping to do…

Here’s an important question… Do you have hills? Or no hills? Where do you plan to use your fun stick?

I’ve built a few boards and am a bigger guy too.

I’d suggest a single 63mm to start if on a budget. around 190-200 ideally or 230-245 optional (limit <10s later).

I regularly ride on my GF’s 63mm 200kv setup and it moves me along the flats just fine (i’m 265lbs). Small hills with a running start work too. From a dead stop - no way.

My Marbel board is a 50mm motor i believe and it moves me along too. Not a hill climber for me, but being sensored does help.

I’d recommend the R-spec 190kv if budget allows. SK3’s around 190 are great too. I really want to try DIYes 230kv sensored soon paired with VESC! I have 2 Tacon’s to test one day soon, and a pair of the 6355 R-Spec (original batch red) for one of my 3 in process builds.

I definitely recommend a good motor mount. if you have a flat deck (no drop) the enertion ones are really nice and i like the quality and CF for bling/light-weight. My v1 DIYes also work well but are a bit fiddly to setup the first time.

Definitely go VESC if you can. Again if budget is tight - get one good setup (on 15mm if you can) and do diagonal drive later w/ identical motor and an additional VESC later. Will definitely move you along just fine.

Welcome, HTH and GL!