EDIT: *** SOLD ***Trampa Street Carver dual 6374 FOR SALE

Welp I’m going a different route so the street carver is officially up for sale. Here’s the build list …

Trampa Street Carver Deck Trampa Street Carver Trucks White powdercoared spings Yellow Dampas in the front Shaved MBS wheels Trampa Bearings Dual 6374 190kv motors TB Vesc 4.12 Kaly Enclosure Kaly motor mounts Kaly 40t pulley Kaly 16t motor gear Kaly spacer kit 15mm belts 60A BMS Samsung 30q 12S4P pack Mini Remote

She has around 200miles on her and again I’ll be selling with the MBS wheels, not the wheels posted below :slight_smile:



Shots of the underside?

fair price, even just for parts.

didn’t we though determine that @Eboosted’s fire was caused by the exposed wires along the enclosure segments?

either way, im sure itll be easy to find a buyer. I’d pick this up but…no space for it.

Oooh, what lights are those?

All balance wires are now wrapped in foam. No exposed wires anywhere. And batteries are 3M tapes to the bottom of the enclosure so absolutely no shifting is possible. It’s well sorted :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. Not to figure out the best wa to ship this thing haha.

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Which BMS did you use? Link?

No, we didn’t. I’m still unsure on what was the main cause of the fire, but from the location of the ignition of the fire, the battery connecting were not the culprit, at least not the main cause.

The main possibility was a disconnection of a bullet connector in the splitter for the power of FocBoxes, that could be causing consecutive big sparks that ignited the flamable foam I use to protect the electronics from vibration.

Once the fire was ignited the heat could easily have melted the cells isolation rings causing a short between the positive and negative leads of each individual pack.

I making a point here as I would like people to think wrongly that the main cause were the wires.

So if you want an advice, don’t use bullet connectors, use XT60 or XT90 instead (they are protected even on dsconnections, if they unplug for any reason you won’t have a bare naked cable tangling around electronics and battery leads as the male bullet.

Another advice, don’t use this neoprene rubber sponge to avoid vibrations:

I use it on my Trampa and while it worked amazing they are flammable.

Here is a small test I did:


Are you interested in selling parts of it? If Yes, i may be interested in the motors and vesc’s

That does seem like a good price…I have way too many ridables or I would’ve jumped all over it

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Man so tempting :pensive:

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Very interesting @Eboosted. All my banana plugs are heatshrinked.

I also took a screwdriver to expand the male end prongs for a crazy tight fit!

Nice experiments!!!

@pshaw yeah, but on my enclosure I had a Y splitter made out of bullet connectors for both VESCs and all they were heat wrapped, however if one got disconnected the male bullet woul be bare nude, so heat wrap is not useful in this case, do not trust bullet connectors, go XT60 instead.

If one plug got disconnected and and touched the connection back again a giant spark powered by 2 VESC dual capacitors would definitely start a fire, even more when the rubber sponge was used on the electronics compartment.

So I think this was the main cause of the fire.

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Good to know! I’m talking about heat shrink over the entire connections that are already heat shrinked. Locking them together.

That’s a good practice but a PIA when doing inspections of small repairs

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Hah yeah that’s true :slight_smile:

Any experience here with shipping from main land to Hawaii? I’ve got 1/1 success with mainland to Japan with an evolve board.

I do that on my phase wires…I blew a vesc and had to take it out, took forever!

Curious as to approximately what kinda range and top speed this thing can do with the MTB wheels!

Not sure as I only ever ran street wheels. Fastest I ever cared to go was 35mph. Farthest I’ve gone was 20miles in a single charge but battery wasn’t completely depleted and I was booking it. I needed to get off after that long lol.

Wow! If you haven’t by chance sold it already, I’d love to maybe get into further contact on getting this dope board off of your hands!

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