EFX2 - Globe - The Maiden | Caliber II 50| ESC FVT 120A 6S| LiPo 8Ah 6S

Looks very nice. What’s the belt width on the one with the two SK3 6354? And do you have drawings for the motor mount one could get? :slight_smile:

Saw this on facebook. Looks good

That’s a slick looking motor mount setup, well done.

Very nicely designed board! Super clean :slight_smile:

wow, very unique. love the innovation in this community :heart:

Very nice mounts !!,…how durable are those Wheel gears ???

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What 3d printer do you have?

Thank you all for praise :grin:


Single engine belt with a width of 15mm Two engine belt with a width of 10 mm (but I want to do on 2x15mm) I’m sorry but I do not share the drawings because it sells the motorholder, will soon be a newer version of the front of the stainless steel


Durability pulley made of ABS + is the distance 400-500km In the previous longboard I drove 450km on the pulleys made of ABS

Soon (for 3 days) I will show PHOTOS pulleys after driving distance 200 km. I drove about 200km both the Longboard and Mountainboard

http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/efx2-globe-the-maiden-caliber-ii-44-esc-fvt-120a-6s-lipo-8ah-6s/14323/8?u=idea GATE 3D printer 3D Polish company 3novatica

Motor holder before assembly

and assembled :smile:


New 40T pulleys for ABEC11 Flywheels

As someone interested in the details here :slight_smile:


really nice motor mount combo and impressive 3D printing arsenal! :clap:

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Small upgrade, 97mm abec clone :slight_smile:


Do you by any chance sell those fancy mounts?

Im gonna need those STL files for SCIENCCCCCCCCEEEEEE! :slight_smile:.

I have a freeboard deck, enclosure and x2 VESC’s Ive been looking to use for a new project, this is looking like the one. I’m thinking black carbon fiber vinyl on the deck bottom, black stained top with red racing stripes cut out of grip, 3d printed wheels pulleys/inserts and motor mount in red, paint the aluminum parts black and assemble…add some rgb lights, in red of course, to the bottom of the the deck and call it KIT 2.0.

@mmaner Thank you for your suggestions, but I have another idea for modifications:

  1. Changing the motor mounts to new made of stainless steel and aluminum
  2. Changing one motor to two

and in the near future :slight_smile: 3. Changing ESC FVT 6S to Dual FVT 12S 4. Changing the battery pack from 6S to 9S


So you would you recommend that fvt to someone who wants an easy setup unlike vesc?

I do not recommend because ESC Dual was not used yet. I have to test this ESC, I do not know if it is OK.

I tested ESC on my desk only

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Looks pretty good so far no problems it looks like, what was temp at end of test?

ESC was cold, but without the load tests did not make sense

Another upgrade, changing FVT 6S to FVT 12S Dual.