Electric Skateboard Motor | Enertion R-SPEC 2.0 190kv 6355

New Enertion R-SPEC 2.0 Electric Skateboard Motor | NOW IN STOCK

When building an electric skateboard it is important to use the highest quality motors to maximise performance and deliver pavement cracking torque. Enertion Boards is now offering the R-SPEC EBOARD MOTOR - Built from the ground up to be the the benchmark motor for building electric skateboards. Choose Enertion motors for your electric skateboard because the alternatives from the hobby shop are not designed with quality bearings suitable for carrying human size loads, they will often use leads that are inflexible & have tiny 4mm connectors that just can’t handle the high amps that can often be pulled into the motor when climbing steep hills. The Enertion R-SPEC motor has large open ports to maximise air-flow and minimize weight. The R-SPEC motors offer minimal drag when unpowered allowing the smoothest free ride out of any motor on the market.




4-12S (14 Volts - 44 Volts MAX)

Diameter 63mm

Body Length 55mm (not including axle)

8mm High Tensile Grade A - SUS420J2 HRC55 - Precision Milled Shaft Stainless Steel Axle

Precision Bearing Assembly 688Z with dynamic load rating of 1606N

Weight 568grams

20cm flexible High Strand count pure copper & silicon 12AWG wires

5.5mm Gold Connector


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The blue ones are the same as the red ones, right?

just different batches I’m assuming?

Yeah identical! …

My factory just made the colour wrong in the first batch.

Finally got some time to photograph these bad boys properly. Enjoy

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These bigfoot 110’s sure do look similar… :wink:

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The Tacon Big Foot 160 245kv motors are now out of stock.

Also I can confirm at this stage they won’t be coming back. The reason for the price reduction is to clear out their old stock. If for some slight chance they do come back they won’t be $55 as its under the cost price to manufacture the new improved premium version which is what I offer in the 6355 190kv R-SPEC Motors.

So how do I know all this?..well as has been suggested by some people already…I have finally been able to confirm that these Tacon Bigfoot motors are from the same Factory as the R-SPEC Eboard Motors… originally they denied it but I kept pushing them for info, so they went back into the archive of sales. They found that the TACON motors were actually ordered from my factory over 2 years ago & this is the last of that order. They have not ordered anymore… probably because the price is much higher now.

The Tacon Motor has a great reputation but the interesting fact is that those Tacon Bigfoot motors are actually the “budget/entry level” version from this particular motor factory. That version is now discontinued… as the factory only wants to produce premium motors now.

The main difference between TACON & ENERTION R-SPEC is the bearings & stators found in the TACON BIGFOOT are Chinese grade components. Also the R-SPEC Stator & windings are treated in a chemical bath to make them water resistant!

The Chinese grade silicone steels used in the stators of the TACON motors are a lower grade material with thicker laminations and therefore have much greater losses. Chinese bearings are also generally low grade and lack precision, the cheapest ones on the market are commonly made with recycled metal which is much softer… basically they wear out quicker which results in friction losses! Bearings can be replaced though! Stators cannot easily be replaced.

The low grade silicone steel used in the stators is the main difference between Tacon & Enertion R-SPEC. With the lower grade steels & Standards used in Chinese Stator manufacturing you get greater Hysteresis & Eddy Current Losses. So you do end up with a cheaper motor but one which is less efficient & runs hotter.

The Bearings and Stator used in the Enertion R-SPEC are now sourced from a specialist Japanese stator supplier that uses specially developed “electrical steel” with high silicone content to minimize hysteresis…

My motors are not the cheapest ones available but they are the best I have been able to find… Also they are designed for electric skateboard as they have a machined shaft with a keyway that is compatible with the Pulley you have (assuming it has a key?), the motor wires are long, flexible & made using quality high stand count copper silicone insulted wire… which is about $2 a meter… it all adds up.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I only just got this info & thought I better clear up some things.

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Not too be a butt, but all of the negatives mentioned are things I still have yet to experience with tacon motors. Especially the mention of bearing failure or overheating. You’d think a 210lb guy running a single over every obstacle in sight would experience some of those things right? Also, the price on the Bigfoot had always been $55. I’m glad your motors are being produced at the tacon factory. It means they’re good. But if your business with the factory Is the sole reason for a 70 percent price increase umm…thanks?

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i think you mean silicon. The laminate that stators use is a silicon-steel laminate that like you said has specific magnetic properties that guide the electro-magnetic field generated by the coils more efficiently against the permanent magnets’ field. Silicone is found in high-performance boobs, but not high performance motors. However, boobs and motors are two of my favorite things, so there may be room for some innovation there. The wires, however, do contain silicone. That makes them soft and flexy. Sort of like boobs.


Firstly… i don’t get why you are so annoyed about this motor I am selling. … I can tell it’s been bugging you latley… also I have been 100% transparent about it… as far as im concerned the tacon Bigfoot is good. Everyone says it’s good. But I’ve been told mine is even better.

Also its worth noting, The r-spec motor is not made by Tacon. They are not a motor factory. They are a brand. My motors are made at a specialist motor factory as are theirs.

So… let’s deal with this issue you have, Would you prefer I sell my motor for $55 and lose money on each transaction? The cost of the goods is substantially greater than $55. But as a gesture of good will I’ll sell you one for $55 (plus what ever tacon charges for shipping) Then you can test them side by side?

If not what do you suggest?

Maybe you would like me to retail it to my customers for the price I buy it for? Make zero profit. But then why would I bother at all?

Also in australia we have to pay income tax. The government couldn’t give a fuck if i made any profit on the motor or not. They just want 30% of all income. So generally in business it’s a good idea to add that cost (30% of sales value. Not cost value)

Also. I had to get custom made shafts. You can only get 1000 done at a time. It’s expensive! As are larger bullet connectors, longer wire, and water proofing.

Not to mention shipping the fucking thing to this far away place australia then back to the US or Europe. Which I offer for free if you buy two!.

Also I offer awesome service and warranty…

These are the best motors you will find, I guarantee that…

If you, and anyone else, wants my business to exist in the future at least let me have a bit of profit to cover operational expenses…

More transparency… i have not drawn a wage from this business since that day I started it… I don’t have another job either! This is it. Every dollar I earn is reinvested into newer and better products. I don’t have money piled up in the bank. This free public forum alone costs $30 a month in hosting fees.

But I can assure you. Go ask my customers if they are happy with the motor… they will all tell you it’s the best fucking thing they have ever seen.



Geez, calm down. I said “not to be a butt”

I’m not clueless to the cost of manufacturing. I get it. And I’m not bugging out about your motors. You have become the go-to for quality parts. I was merely pointing out that tacon motors are great, in comparison to sk3, alien, aeon, propdrive, turnigy and your review of their chinese parts.

After I deal with my knee surgery, I will gladly pay full price for 2 Rspec motors.


Jason - breathe! I get you are proud of what you’ve created, but i don’t think he’s attacking your motors just maybe not appreciative of the costs associated.

As a customer of yours i can attest that they are the best quality feel i’ve had in my hands so far. Compared to some 50mm motors, SK3 and NTM 63mm motors. I’ve not had a Tacon to compare directly.

Fit and finish is top notch. All the annoying bits are taken care of. Keyway and retaining clips - genius design! Silicone wires (nice and flexy w/ a quality wire inside not just cheap wire with silicone covering it). My only gripe is the connectors i need to swap. Beefy - yes. Needed with the standard on almost every ESC being 4mm - hmm maybe not? I have a constraint with my VESC’s being inside the board (slowly building it) so i’ll swap to 4mm to make it easier to fit the wires through the hole into the deck. Minor and mostly specific to my build. If i were doing a more standard build i’d match the connector and call it done.

Most importantly I’ve been repeatedly impressed by your customer service. There was one gap in communication and follow-up, but moving will do that to anyone! Every time since then you’ve under-promised and over-delivered. Plus backing your product repeatedly to folks i’ve seen online, where most would likely question why it failed. I like to support stand-up businesses like yours. You’ve definitely earned my business. I plan on purchasing another pair of the R-spec motors for another build. I’d like to find a Tacon to compare them side by side, but i’m confident your R-Spec is the best 63mm motor (especially at this lower kv) to run 12s with VESC! Worth a premium in my opinion.

Being in australia i’m amazed at how quickly you’ve gotten things to my door. Reasonably priced for shipping even (again - from AUSTRALIA!). I visited around Easter in 2014 - beautiful but the most expensive place to visit i’ve ever gone to. Makes Europe seem like a cheap mexican getaway in comparison. (Seriously $18 for a margarita?!)

Keep up the good work and thanks for getting us products that are tailor made specifically for e-boards!


Psychotiller - “not to be a butt” is like saying “i’m not trying to be a dick but…” Almost always followed by a dickhead comment that is totally passive aggressive and actually a dick move.

Your comment isn’t all that bad. These motors are expensive. If you haven’t invested the R+D into building an improved motor i don’t know that it’s a fair critique. What the market will bear. if there were a plethora of these type motors for significantly less i think it’d be tough for him to charge the premium.

I have looked for <200kv 6354/6355 motors. The NTM6354-15 is the closest (i have two of the 10mm axle variants - PITA to get gears and swap w/ most gears being standard 8mm shaft). Looking for the NTM they are currently ~$100 if you can find them in singles (or buy bulk from Ali/baba/express). I’ve seen some of the 10mm axle variants for about $70 (again 200kv both). Trust me this is not a cheaper alternative when you factor in getting 10mm gears.

Then with any of them you need to take the time or pay to get the keyway drilled/ground. I killed one of my two NTM’s just trying to go to quickly installing the gear. Totally my fault, but part of learning and one of the first i tried to do. It’s on teh bench until i get a replacement shaft. I perhaps over-value my time and, in hindsight, would’ve gladly paid a small premium to have a simple keyway installed beforehand. let alone one with retention clips…

It’s all about what your skill (or in my case lack of) is with motors and keyways and gears…

If you have a cnc and can make your own motor mounts - perhaps it makes more sense to get one of the others, swap the bearings if they ever fail, machine out the keyway nicely, seal the windings and magnets, etc.

In the 200kv or less world which i want specifically to run 12s for my VESC the motor options are pretty limited.

my .02 - not trying to be a dick! hehehe

To see where I was coming from maybe you should read all of my build threads. firstly, I have tried all of those motors. I tried 5 of them in 4 months time. The prop drives are shit. Sk3s aren’t much better. And I’ve made most of my own parts as well ( some really good! ) But you’d never know because the heard only flocks to diy, Enertion or alien. I’m not shooting from the hip. Tacon motors are bomb proof. Tacons and r specs are made at the same factory. Neither one of those statement takes anything away from Enertion. Saying things like using Enertion, you won’t experience Chinese failure like with standard tacons though does steal a little thunder from tacon. And being that I actually have experience with several said tacon motors bought at 55 bucks with free shipping for a few years I thought I’d chime in.

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I keep hearing about shitty propdrives. That has not been my experience with NTM. I’m guessing they’ve had a shitty run lately, which is most unfortunate. There are pretty much only two places from which I’ll be buying motors moving forward since I can’t really trust anyone else at this point and have just been lucking out: Enertion and DIYElectricSkateboards.

I have a pair of Enertion 245s and until one experienced catastrophic mechanical failure, they were amazing motors. Torquey little bastards on a 6S setup for sure. Probably the perfect 6S motor. Now i’m running propdrive 270s and while i enjoy the slightly higher top end i’m getting out of them, they aren’t as buttery smooth or as torquey. And now I keep hearing about how crappy they are, which means I may not get this level of performance next time.

All of that is to say that onloop does in fact have some seriously high quality motors and they’re worth the price plus shipping.

Psychotiller - i’ve read several. Serious skills and I’ve tried to emulate where i could! Just wanted to give you a hard time a little. I hope to grab a Tacon to play with and compare. I’ve just heard too much good stuff about them and hope they truly aren’t gone gone. My biggest avoidance was wanting to run 12s w/ VESC because of their 245kv. Besides VESC not supporting >200kv easily (someone soldered additional uF caps stacked) on 12s it’s hard to gear down for a “reasonable” top speed at that voltage (even 10s).

Just wait till i show my new vacuum table i worked on building this last weekend! It’s all your fault…

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I’d just also like to add onto one good point @sl33py made about Enertion’s customer support.

I was one of the early space cell adopters, and unfortunately, it just stopped working on the first day. After tearing down the battery with Jason’s help over a long email chain, he just straight up sent me a brand new one. That’s a $300 battery completely replaced, and I didn’t even half to worry about sending back the old one. In addition, after thinking the problem might have come from drawing too many amps, Jason installed fuses on all his space cells from then on. Now, as if he doesn’t already dislike me enough, my vesc blew up on me, and has given me the same error sl33py came across with his vesc. BEFORE even finding out what was wrong, Jason said just send it back and I’ll send you one from the new batch in early October.

Jason could have made an extended warranty extra $; but he didn’t. It’s these types of situations where I’d rather pay more, and know for sure that I’m getting a product 100% backed by whoever’s selling it.

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Hi team!..

Firstly let me apologise, I wrote that response at 2 am… after a particularly stressful day…and a few glasses of 12 year old scotch.

Sometimes I wish I could just do the fun part of the business and not have to deal with any of the other crap that goes along with it! I wish all my stuff was the cheapest and that parts never failed. Oh well I’ll stop crying now.

Also. Just so you guys know. There will be an Enertion R-SPEC 190kv 6374 it’s going to be fucking expensive! But its going to be legit as fuck! I might actually build a single drive.

So…Yes I’m a passionate person! Can you tell?

sorry for being so agressive.

Fuck I can’t wait for my holiday to start! Hawaii here I come.


Not related…

Which scotch? I love a good Balvenie single malt - their entire line is delicious 12y doublewood and 21y portwood being my two favorites.

Hawaii huh? Which island? It’s odd to me for someone to go all the way to Hawaii with something like Bali in your back yard effectively (like us going to mexico). Cheap and easy. Can’t imagine Hawaii is cheap…

Hope you have some great time off and a chance to unwind! If you are on the big island (Kona) and want to do some diving shoot me a PM and i’ll try to connect you with my old dive instructor who moved there!

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LOL you kill me man. I love this community.

lately been sipping this bad boy… plan to stock up on more “duty free” scotch on my way back from hawaii.

why hawaii? my wife has a work conference there, so i’m going along for fun! & to look after our 18 month old…