EMB Crash when ESC locked up

Full gear every time from now on, can’t trust this thing.


What esc are you using?

Focbox Unity - haven’t updated to the version they are testing but I thought I had gotten it figured out based on my lower kv motors and bumping up the amp allowance… Clearly I was wrong lol


Oouf another case. We’re you also running 12s?

@CarlCollins @Deodand


What happens when it locks up? Does it brake immediately?

It brakes 100% instantly

Man, this makes me worry about my unity I ordered :sweat:I just want reliable ugh

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10s4p, 30q… have some 25r waiting for me to build once they got it figured out, guess I might as well start now lol

100% - instantly - and I has loosened up the suspension, no way in hell I was going to control that!

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Why would the firmware do that. It should just kill the power in case of failure . That’s what a drone ESC does

No idea, what they have been working on fixing since they found out. I had hoped it was contained to 12s batteries combined with high KV motors - this proves my theory wrong lol

I’m glad you are ok. I’m building my first board and this scares me :smiley:

in this case the unity locks the wheels up


thanks man! just start slow and wear gear - take it from the idiot who didn’t lol (this issue should be fixed soon with a firmware update).

I learnt my lesson from snowboarding . I used a helmet, impact short , knee/elbow/wrist guard. haha Not sure which ones I’m gonna use for riding the long board.

G-form sells flexible guards. They are very comfortable. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VSP5M1F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Well… This doesn’t look good. A very large portion of my body would probably become instantly broken if I were to be insta-brake’d off my board at 25mph…

Depends how you fall :laughing:

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@Deodand Looks like we need to see this and work on it.


Needed more details about your setup, specs, settings etc Also, confirm which firmware you have on Unity?

man hope you ok!

There is a reason why we preach to get helmets. there is so much stuff which can happen on the road.

never ever save on protection gear.

you can find some good recommendations in this thread:


Defintily get a good full face helmet! Super important!